4 years ago Johnny Lovedart released his first of 3 holiday videos. It was quickly done, and roughly written, BUT, it started a trend that only got better with time. Without further ado, heres, THE LOVEDART LOUNGE, TOP 10 REASONS ALCOHOL IS THE NUMBER 1 SELLING ITEM AT THANKSGIVING.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family from everyone here at THE LOVEDART LOUNGE.


Well its almost Thanksgiving, and this year at THE LOVEDART LOUNGE, we are cooking our leftovers FIRST this year. Thats right, screw the big presentation, to hell with the ritual carving, just cook that bad ass bird, cut the meat from the carcass, separate the light and the dark meat, throw it all in some tupperware containers and your done. Now Im sure your asking yourself, WHY?. Why, would you go to all the trouble to fix a turkey and then just turn it into instant leftovers? Well this is why. Behold, THE THANKSGIVING DINNER SANDWICH! No need to wash all those dishes. Pour everyone a cocktail, set a platter of these bad boys in the middle of the table, and HAPPY FUCKIN THANKSGIVING! Imagine the look of shock on all their faces. The bottom line is, these babies rock, and weather your grabbing some late night leftovers or whipping up a little shock and awe on your co-workers at lunch time, you will not find a better sandwich. Plus, just look at it, if there was ever a sandwich made to go with an icy cold beer, this has to be it. So this year, when your thinking leftovers, go all “food network” on your friends and fix em one of these, better yet, let them watch!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING from THE LOVEDART LOUNGE. We drink more before sunrise than most people do all day.

Clean plate, blank slate. This is your canvas. This is where you will create your masterpiece.

Start with some fresh baked french bread, lightly buttered and toasted to a golden brown.

Next, spread a layer of jellied cranberry sauce on the toasted bread. The cheap kind in a can works great.

Now its TURKEY TIME! Start with just the lean white meat, making a generous layer.

The first layer of condiments go in the middle. Apply a thin layer of Mayo, topped with some fresh cracked black pepper and some Vadalia onion.

Now for the side dishes, first up, mashed sweet potatoes with finely crushed walnuts. A thin layer will suffice or it will go everywhere when you eat it, but don’t skip.

Time for a turkey encore. This time its the dark meat. Another generous layer of bird.

Side dish number 2, stuffing. Take a small amount of stuffing and fry it up in a pan like a potato pancake. Get the edges nice and crispy, then place on top of the turkey meat.

Anyone living south of the Mason Dixon line knows whats missing. Thats right……………GRAVY!. Apply a light drizzling of gravy, preferably made from the turkey drippings.

Taaaa Daaaa! Place the other slice of toasted bread on top and behold. THE LOVEDART LOUNGE, THANKSGIVING DINNER SANDWICH! A masterpiece any pilgrim would be proud of.

Now, when your done scarfing that bad boy down, grab yourself a nice snifter of Grande Mariner, a good smoke, and a seat by the fire. WHAT? Dont have those? Ok, grab a PBR, the remote, and flop on the couch. Either way, your sure to fall asleep with a smile on your face. HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM THE LOVEDART LOUNGE!


A decade of decadence. LIVE AT THE LOVEDART LOUNGE ran from 2001 to 2011 and over the years, hundreds of exceptional patrons have passed through the doors of this amazing facility along with some of the best musicians the Bal Hinch has to offer. There were thousands of kodak moments thru the years and luckily (for the last 6 years anyway) there was someone with a camera not far away. Grab a cocktail, relax, and wander through some of the greatest moments in LIVE AT THE LOVEDART LOUNGE history. Use the “INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE” tab in the menu bar above and just select the year you would like to see, or take some time and and view them all.
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Welcome to THE TESTOSTERONE THEATER test page. Im working on incorporating video into THE LOVEDART LOUNGE website and I thought that this would be the perfect test video. So without further ado, here’s MUSKMELLON by ERIC BARR AND GROUP THERAPY. This has been a test by the EMERGENCY COCKTAIL BROADCAST SYSTEM, if this were a real cocktail emergency, you would be directed by local authorities to the official LOVEDART LOUNGE cocktail emergency shelter, or to a local cocktail emergency shelter in your area. This is only a test. Enjoy


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Check back starting on the 19th of November and join us as we take you on a journey through time. Who knows what you might have forgot.


Well, another election is over, and we’ve been arguing about who’s the best leader for this country, longer than I care to remember. Now that one has been chosen, we will continue to argue about it longer than I care to imagine. That seems like an awful lot of arguing for people who constantly say “all I want to be is happy”.

If you are a workaholic driven by money, your going to vote for the person who makes it easiest for you to make money, and be happy.

If you are NOT so driven, and like free stuff, you are going to vote for the person who makes it easiest for you to get free stuff and be happy.

If you are an average person who works hard, just wants to be comfortable, secure and still have enough time to enjoy life with their family and friends, your going to vote for the person who makes it easiest to have the best of both worlds, and be happy.

These facts should not surprise a single person, and the number of hours, days, and weeks we spend arguing about it boggles the mind.

Each citizen is going to vote for the person, who they believe, is going to give them the best chance to be happy, plain and simple, and as sad as it may be, we will spend countless (unhappy) hours, days, and weeks, arguing about it.

With all this arguing going on, its no surprise that nobody notices, that the person who has the best shot at making them happy, isint even on the ballot.

This person can only be found in one place, A MIRROR.

Thats right, YOU, and only YOU, can ever really make YOU happy.

So why everybody spends so much time arguing (and being unhappy unless arguing makes you happy) about someone who has very little control over their happiness is beyond me.

Many politicians have come and gone in my lifetime. They all did some things I liked, and they all did some things I didnt like. While all this was going on and everybody was arguing about who was doing the better job, I was busy. I was busy working at being happy, and I am pleased to announce that after 52 years of life, I AM NUMBER 1, at making me happy.

It didnt matter who was in office, either my health insurance premiums went up and/or the quality of my coverage went down, every year. Republican? Democrat? Who cares! Our tax code has only continued to get more complex and incomprehensible as time passes, and dont even start pointing fingers. Every politician who ever took an oath is part weasel.

Trust me, none of these people know shit about making YOU happy and it doesnt matter if your talking politics, religion, or relationships, If you look to someone and/or something else to provide you with happiness, you are going to be sadly disappointed.

Thats right, once again, repeat after me……YOU and only YOU, can ever really make YOU happy. No one (sorry all you spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends), will ever be as concerned about making you happy as YOU are. (dont worry, its natural)

So now that everyone has cast their vote, for the person who makes it easiest for them to be happy, win or lose, put down your smartphone, log out of facebook, walk away from your computer, switch off the tv, and STOP ARGUING ABOUT PEOPLE WHO COULD CARE LESS IF YOUR HAPPY, and go find a mirror and introduce yourself to the person who really CAN make a difference in your life, YOU.

Once you really get to know that person, introduce him or her to some of your friends. Maybe they will get the picture, stop arguing themselves, and go find a mirror of their own.

Then it doesnt matter who is in office. Because once you realize that your responsible for your own happiness, maybe YOU will get busy making YOU happy, and STOP arguing about who’s better at doing it for you.

With all of those people no longer arguing, maybe we can get on with some of the more important things in life,like betting on how old honey boo boo will be when she goes to her first therapy session, posting cute pictures of fuzzy kittens on facebook, or figuring out how many words a minute we can text while driving and eating a big mac at the same time.

Remember, when it comes to happiness, the only person on the ballot is YOU! Vote early and often.

My name is Johnny Lovedart, I’m a member of the cocktail party, and I approve this message.

God (or whoever you pray to while they call out the lottery numbers) help us all.