Happy holidays loungers……….Well its been kind of different year around the lounge. We didnt have any big blowouts this year but we did have some great get together’s. In the meantime we have been working on various upgrades to the facility and are looking forward to putting together some medium sized events for 2013.

We had the stone facing on the lounge completely repaired and sealed, we slapped on a new metal roof and gutters all the way around, fixing up the damage from the hail storm we had a few months ago. We said good by to a LOVEDART LOUNGE icon as the Big Red Rocket of Love found a new a caring home, thus increasing the usable lounge space by 30%. In the spring we get started on the Tiki Deck with a new coat of paint and new top for the gazeebo before we redesign the deck into a zen like environment of tranquility. Once we get this all finished, the first event we would like to bring back is the Bal Hinch Bacon festival. This was an epic gathering the last time we did it and now with that experience under our belt, we will attempt to take it to the next level. (perhaps some sponsorship from Lipitor). We are also hoping to put together a few more first time activities once our warped sense of entertainment kicks back in after the hectic holidays.

With all of this, there is one thing we must not forget. NONE of this would be possible without the help, contributions, and participation of all our wonderful friends and fans here in the Bal Hinch and around the world. For this we are eternally grateful.

THE LOVEDART LOUNGE would like to wish a very Merry Christmas (or whatever it is you celebrate) to each and every one of you, your family and friends. It has been our pleasure to serve you throughout the year and we look forward to seeing you in the Bal Hinch in the near future.        Happy Holidays one and all.


Remember when you were a little kid and it was Christmas time, and you couldnt wait to grab some Christmas cookies and some hot chocolate and settle in, in front of the (American made) Zenith console TV and watch “Its a Charlie Brown Christmas”?



THE LOVEDART LOUNGE restoration project is in full swing. We are in the process of wrapping up the finishing touches on our new roof and then, next week we start on new gutters and screens all the way around. This will wrap up phase 1 of our project and we will put everything on hold until things start to warm up out here in the Hinch.

As soon as its warm enough we move into the lounge area where we will see a 30% expansion with new seating and plenty of room to spread out. We then take it outside to the Tiki Deck where we will put on a new canvas cover and overhaul the area into a zen like zone of peace and tranquility where good friends gather for fine spirits and good music consumed in harmony with nature amongst the splendor of  The Bal Hinch.

Stay tuned…………


A few short months ago as summer was coming to a close, THE LOVEDART LOUNGE  was in a state of disarray. General wear and tear along with a vicious hail storm was beginning to take its toll on this Bal Hinch landmark.

Well today, the transformation begins. A new metal roof and gutters, along with new screens and general repairs around the entire circumference of the building kick off a restoration project that will also see an expanded and revamped lounge remodel as things start to warm up this spring. Stay tuned as we keep you posted of all the progress. But for right now, lets say one last so long to the old LOVEDART LOUNGE. Its been good, but its about to get a lot better……………J. Love


Well, its Christmas time in the Bal Hinch and things are really hoppin here at the lounge. We are continuing our lounge renovation project, with the addition of a brand new metal roof and gutters in a dynamic shade of gunmetal blue. The change in the appearance to the lounge should be quite dramatic. We will post pix when its complete, here in a few weeks. When spring rolls around we start the new expansion of THE LOVEDART LOUNGE. We are increasing the size of the lounge 35 percent, adding seating, tables, some new lighting, and a few other accoutrements your sure to love. The remodeling of the lounge comes at the loss of a LOVEDART LOUNGE icon. Yes, the BIG RED ROCKET OF LOVE has left the friendly confines of the lounge and has found a new owner. Mr. Todd Stevenson now holds the keys to this fine example of American made steel and I know he will provide a caring and loving home it. When things start to warm up a bit, we move outside to work on a fresh coat of paint and a new canvas top for the Tiki Deck, with a brand new layout that will create a zen like oasis from the pressures of everyday life. (plus its a great place to tie one on). Stay tuned as we keep you updated of all the changes as they happen and the date of our grand reopening.
With the BIG RED ROCKET OF LOVE, gone to a good home and the sebring demolished by an altercation with local wildlife, we are also in the progress of searching for a new urban cocktail assault vehicle. The Bal Hinch Transit Authority will provide updates as soon as the new transportation unit has been procured.
As far as activities at the lounge goes, we will be announcing a LOVEDART LOUNGE HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE sometime in the coming weeks. Its just a little get together to spread some holiday cheer and let our fine citizens unwind a bit and catch up with one another. I will be attending both open stage nights at THE WAYNETOWN BAR AND GRILL on Dec.7 and 21, so come on out, tip one back with me and enjoy some of the best original music, west central Indiana has to offer, with your host, Mr. Eric Barr and the Friday Night Jammers. We are looking into a, “end of the world, last call, cocktail hour” sometime on or before Dec. 21st, and if by some chance we are all still around come New Years, we are working on a very special, top secret, event to ring in the new year. Stay tuned at as we bring you details on all these great events.
We are only 90 days away from March 1st, and the beginning or warmer temperatures, in the meantime, we will be working feverishly here at the lounge to pull everything together for another amazing summer out here in the deep fringes. As we progress, feel free to offer your suggestions, comments, and ideas so we can continue to bring you the finest hospitality, music, food, and dysfunctional living the Bal Hinch has to offer.
Before we go, I would like to remind one another that the holiday season can be a very stressful time, life moves fast, if you dont stop for a cocktail once in a while, you might miss it. Be kind to your fellow man, love your family, take care of yourself, and to all those dicks who insist on making your life difficult, remember, the best revenge is living a great life.

Happy holiday……………….J.LOVE