Huh? what? where? Oh! Wow, where did those 3 weeks wander off to? Yes, I know, we have been running under radio silence for the past 3 weeks, we last checked in with you back on Christmas day, out in Las Vegas, and boy, after that, shit just started flying everywhere! I got to hook up with Prince and Tommy a couple of times for a few drinks and some lively conversation. I made my last music run at Zia record exchange, before firing up the burner and hopefully completing the Twin Towers of Entertainment. Its a little project I started about 13 years ago, and now, when Im finished, I will have 10,000 you tube videos and 10,000 music files, in one folder on a laptop the plugs into The Testosterone Theater and delivers over 5 continuous, around the clock months of entertainment. Its been a long journey, but one that has proven its worth over and over again.

We got back to the Hoosier state, only to be greeted by 10 inches of snow and sub freezing temperatures. After making our way back to the Bal Hinch, I got struck by a nasty stomach bug that put the breaks on my N.Y.E. plans, then it was back to work while we continued to remodel the lounge, search for a new ride, catch up on holiday bills, deal with the weather, get started on the twin towers project again, buy an organ, blow a couple of speakers, wheel and deal for some new ones, and wonder where the hell 2012 went. It was a little bit of cabin fever mixed with post party depression and a severe lack of sunshine. But now, I have managed to catch a breath or two and we are ready to move forward once again. We have updated the Historic Significance page, and we are preparing to start looking forward to spring.

The first phase of our remodel is done. We have a brand new, bright blue, roof. A new run of clean white gutters, a brand new outside wall, all of the stone has been repaired and sealed, and I now have sliding screen doors that glide like they are on a cloud. Once it warms up, we move to the tiki deck where an extensive makeover will take place as we transform a little corner of the Lovedart Lounge into an oasis of zen like tranquility, amidst the natural beauty and splendor of the Bal Hinch. Finally we update the lounge itself, as we expand seating and continue to tikify the unfinished portion of the room where the big red rocket of love once stood.

The Bal Hinch Entertainment Commission had a meeting the first week of the new year and we are seeing if we cant pull the all the necessary powers together and try to come up with a little something special for the Bal Hinch this summer. Theres nothing final now but we should know a little more by spring. Delivering this type of entertainment isint as easy as it sounds. We will keep you posted.

The search continues for a new mode of transportation here at the lounge. The current transporter is slowly becoming a limited distance vehicle so we are looking for something tasty to take on those late night road trips through the Hinch. We will update you here when that finally takes place.

Other than that, we will be keeping you in touch with everything going on here in the Hinch, at Red Rooster Radio, over at lake PO-KA-HO, way out west in Las Vegas with our good friends Tommy Rocker and Prince Ama, and all the events big and small coming to The Lovedart Lounge.

Stay tuned as we bring the heat to the Hinch in 2013