She answered the phone, she seemed far away
She apologized, she felt…………bad
We talked about storms, relationships, and technology
She was from Denver, we discussed the new marijuana law
She apologized again, she tried to help, to make it ………right
We had a flame that burned bright for almost 20 years
but in the end, it was all about the money.
I told her I was sorry, she said she understood,
and as I hung up the phone
she pulled the plug


fat tuesday

Happy Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday to everyone from your friends here at THE LOVEDART LOUNGE. It was a great weekend out here in the Bal Hinch as we held our annual Mardi Gras open house. Revelers were treated to Smoked Voodoo turkey with andouille sausage and rice stuffing, and a big ol pot of red beans on the side. The new Wayback Machine, video, audio library was playing the top Mardi Gras videos and music as attendees sampled from over 20 brands of beer, while passing the ol mason jar around the Voodoo Lounge. It was an epic evening that didnt come to a close until the wee hours of the morning. A great time was had by all.

In other news, the Mason and Gimble reed organ that is to be used to house the new Wayback Machine Entertainment system, is finally at its new home here at THE LOVEDART LOUNGE. Planning will take place over the next few months as we decide how to execute this major undertaking. If all goes well, this solid black walnut, turn of the century example, of the fine woodworking craftsmanship from yesteryear, will be married with the latest computer techknowledgey of today, to bring you a one of a kind experience in sight and sound. Only at THE LOVEDART LOUNGE. Plenty of pictures and updates to come.

Be sure and continue to follow along on our “historic significance” page as we trace the beginnings of THE LOVEDART LOUNGE from back in the MYSPACE days. We are currently recreating the historic release of THE LOVEDART LOUNGE HOLIDAY VIDEO TRILOGY as the premiere of the 3rd and final installment during the Mardi Gras 2009 celebration continues to unfold. A sick and twisted tale of carnival time here in the Bal Hinch, featuring unsavory characters, amazing triumph, tragic results, and hilarious hijinks all set amongst the backdrop of the notorious LOVEDART LOUNGE. Take a step back in time and “GET YA SOME” at THE LOVEDART LOUNGE.

We have just created a new page called LIGHTS! CAMERA! COCKTAILS!. This will be the new home for all of the epic LOVEDART LOUNGE videos that have been produced over the years. The Holiday Video Trilogy, the Thunder 103 radio interview, the independent artist commercial, and all the rest will be housed here for you viewing pleasure. We will keep you updated and continue to add this and even more content, to THE LOVEDART LOUNGE website. Remember…………

TUNE IN, TURN ON, AND GET YA SOME at, THE LOVEDART расчет кондиционера в минске LOUNGE



What you see above, is about to become one of the most powerful entertainment centers known to man. A cosmic jukebox with a atomic soul, a time capsule of sight and sound, a free standing, self contained trip back through entertainment history. Behold…….”THE WAYBACK MACHINE”

What you see above is the shell of a bellows pump organ built somewhere around the late 1800s. It was originally purchased by a past mayor of the town of Noblesville, Indiana. It was handed down to a friend of the family and now it is in the process of making its way to THE LOVEDART LOUNGE. One unusual aspect of this fine creation is that the “pipes” are not real. The sound comes from within the organ itself. The pipes were for decorative purposes only and are made of wood. As beautiful as this fine example of American craftsmanship is, alas, it has bellowed its last note.

BUT ALL IS NOT LOST!……………Through my warped sense of creativity, I have had a vision and when the dust settles and I am done. This amazing artifact is going to house one of the most powerful entertainment systems known to man. After gutting the insides, I will install a quad core processing unit with dual 3TB storage vaults and a solid state primary drive to run dual 24 inch monitors (32 if theres room). Contained on those storage drives will be the (soon to be completed) TWIN TOWERS OF ENTERTAINMENT. 10,000  hand picked  musical selections and 10,000 hand picked youtube videos, compiling a massive 20,000 file library of entertainment sight and sound over the last century. All conveniently accessed from the keyboard of this amazing machine. Sights, Lights and Sound, all housed in a stunning handcrafted cabinet made of native grown hardwoods. Its the “WAYBACK MACHINE”

Comeing soon to THE LOVEDART LOUNGE! Innovation, Creation, and  libation, all in one convenient location. Bal Hinch бытовые кондиционеры в могилеве Indiana



Well, carnival season is upon us, and while its not quite as crazy here in the Hinch as in years past. We plan to get our party on, none the less. Coming up on Saturday night the 9th we plan to have a Mardi Gras open house. While not a fully orchestrated event, we will be open starting at 6 with our usual selection of fine beverages. We are going to fire up the big black turd and conjure up some Voodoo smoked turkey, Andouille sausage stuffing, and red beans and rice. So if you are anywhere near the Bal HInch this coming Saturday night make plans to get your Mojo working at THE LOVEDART LOUNGE.

Construction phase 1 has been completed and we are currently just waiting for springtime to hurry up and get here so we can continue our remodeling of the lounge and deck. Lots of upgrades coming this summer with an improved misting center for those sultry summer days here in the Hinch and a new outdoor zen center to relax, decompress, and rid your mind and body of the stress brought on by daily life outside of the Hinch. In the lounge we will be expanding our capacity and hanging more bamboo as the Tikification of THE LOVEDART LOUNGE continues. A new seating area and a few other surprises are also in store.

shag wagon

Say hello to the lounges new transportation vehicle, The Shag Wagon! Leather heated captains chairs for 4, widescreen video with 5.1 surround sound, featuring WLDL TV and THE LOVEDART LOUNGE music library for our passengers entertainment and comfort inside the climate controlled cabin. Perfect for those spur of the moment road trips or tailgates.

We are still working on our big announcement for this summer. Things are slowly being pulled together for a weekend you are not going to want to miss. We have about 80% of everything arranged and are working on tying up all the loose ends as we speak. We will be having another meeting of the the Bal Hinch Entertainment Commission here in a week or two, and we should have something to announce shortly after. Stay tuned right here for all the details. This summer, its gonna get hot out in da Hinch!

Feel free to leave any comments or questions and we will keep bringing you the best entertainment the Bal Hinch has to offer, all summer установка кондиционеров недорого в могилеве long