Well, it was the last full day in Vegas, the sun was just up and the temperature was rising. Trying to decide how to spend the day, the suggestion was made to take a cruise down the strip. With everybody in agreement, we hop in the car and head to the Las Vegas Strip. As we entered the south end, the first thing that jumps out at you is the construction site for the new giant ferris wheel that will soon allow visitors to see all the way down the strip from the friendly confines of a 40 person car that features cocktail service. This is not your fathers carnival ride.


We continued down the strip on a bright sunny March day with temps in the 80s, at the north end we come to the abandoned Sahara casino. Now closed for a couple of years, construction crews slowly remove all the items that show any connection to this grand old casino before installing and entire new look for the new SLS casino coming late next year. Construction in sin city slowly begins to build as the economy improves after 4 years of non-activity.

As we leave the strip behind us heading down LVB towards Fremont street, we pass the iconic Pawn Stars store. Now I have never been in this place because every time I go by there is a line 2 blocks long, but on this day, there was hardly a line in sight, so we ceased the opportunity found a parking spot and went in. Yes it was very cool. Now I dont watch the show but I recognized a guy with a pony tail behind the counter. The only problem is the dont let you take any pictures in the stars work area. I would imagine that would get very distracting over the course of a full day. SO, I got a few pictures, bought a t-shirt, and moved on…….

Now the pawn stars place was very very cool. BUT, I was more interested in what I saw next store. The bright colors caught my eye and I wandered over for a look. Now THIS is my kind of place. The Lost Vegas Antiques store may be small but it is PACKED, ceiling to floor with some of the most amazing items you will ever find in one place.


While a lot of the items in the pawn store were out of my price range, this place had plenty of cool stuff that didnt cost and arm or a leg. It didnt take long before I knew exactly what I was getting. Now I almost splurged for a signed photo of Sammy Davis Jr. for the Zen Bathroom for 150, and if it wasnt for the fact that is was signed to some lady named Barbara I would have pulled the trigger. INSTEAD, I found a couple of sweet autographed photos that more fit the eclectic theme of the collection now housed in the most famous bathroom in the Bal hinch……….

Pretty sweet right? The best part of the whole deal was they were on sale for only 10 bucks. Hell, the frames cost more than that. They will soon find their new home in the Zen Bathroom at THE LOVEDART LOUNGE for you viewing pleasure.

While I was checking out, (note the comma to the left) the man in the store asked me if I had a camera with me. Lucky for me it was handy in my pocket. He instructed me to go next store and check out something very very special. Boy was he ever right! Now this is one of those secret, dark, unknown, Las Vegas attractions that the normal tourist never even hears about, much less sees, and theres a good reason for that. Its housed in a dingy little peep/adult toy/theater/porn store that used to be a gas station. But, once again, this is the kind of place yours truly loves to find. SO, I grabbed my aunt, telling her this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and in the door we walked. The first thing you notice when you walk in, is a row of little closet sized viewing booths. I think we all know what goes on in there, moving to the left were the usual collection of adult toys, dvds, and various paraphernalia. Looking up on the wall I finally spied what we came to see. Once I noticed I started looking around and they were EVERYWHERE. Yes, here was holy grail of the porn world. THE LEGENDS OF EROTICA WALL OF FAME! You know the walk of fame in Los angeles  where the stars press their hands into wet cement? Well, THIS AINT IT.


So if your ever in Vegas, I encourage everyone to visit the epic display of questionable taste. BUT, I also encourage you to visit at noon on a bright sunny day. This is not the type of place you want to venture into after the sun goes down. Unless of course you frequent these sort of establishments on a regular basis. In that case, let your freak flag fly and knock yourself out.

As we were leaving, we pulled around back to turn around and I spied this. Now I have no idea why this would be sitting behind a porn store, but Im sure that if it could talk, it would have a million interesting stories to tell. At the very least it was worth a few pictures.

WOW, what a day so far, this was Vegas adventure at its finest, and now, as the sun falls in the west, its time to wrap things up with a nice meal and some more great local music with our friend Tommy Rocker at his southside location. Its a mixed bag of great tunes, guest musicians, and great food. Tommy strolled in around 7:30 after playing a 5 hour gig at the Pioneer tavern in Jean Nevda. Its a biker bar thats been at its present location for over 100 years. Boy was the conversation at dinner ever an interesting one. lol. After dinner, Tommy took the stage and open things up with a few tunes before inviting people up to join him. Yes, yours truly was once again summoned to the stage for a Lovedart/Rocker duet on Why dont we get drunk and screw. Then evening wrapped up with some fine string work by a local musician trained in Spanish flamenco guitar. What a treat! As the clock closed in on midnight it was time to put this one to bed. Another awesome Las Vegas adventure that no one ever saw coming. Thats the way they roll here in Sin City, and thats why I call this place my second home. I would like to thank Tommy Rocker, Prince Ama, Mr. Nobody, Steve Fox and last but not least, my amazing parents for hosting this epic Vegas vacation.  Thanks for joining us on our journey. We will see ya back in da Hinch.

Johnny Lovedart…………has left the building.




Yep, its St.Patricks day in Las Vegas. Its just like St.Partricks day everywhere else X 20. We started round 2 about 10:45 at Tommy Rockers. Tommy was already on stage when we arrived and it wasnt 30 minutes and 1 beer, before yours truly was on stage to join T.R. in leading the entire bar in a special St.Patricks day version of Why Dont We Get Drunk and Screw. Shortly after, we were joined by Prince Ama, who was sporting festive green military garb. Tommy wrapped things up and Chase brown came out to deliver a little corned beefcake to all the ladies in the house. (take a close look at the pics, YES, thats a lit zippo lighter belt buckle he was wearing). The dude had a great voice but the whole dancing on the ladder thing was a little strange if you ask me, of course, if your a gal, (or a perveyor of alternative lifestyles) I imagine that having chase’s blarney stones at eye level, ups the star power a tad. So anyway, after he sent all the ladies into a swoon, we decided to head over to the parking lot to take in the chef competition outside. 2 star chefs from MGM and Bellagio were given 5 secret ingredients and asked to prepare the best dish they could with what they had. I didnt get to see who won but the place was packed and the crowd was lovin it.

We left T.R.s around 1:30 to head to Bally’s where the lounge act Jamm was performing. Now there are a lot of lounge acts in Vegas (duh, lots of lounges = lots of lounge acts) and Prince knows some of the better acts in town. Well let me tell ya, once again, if this band was in Indy, they would be playing in the cities biggest clubs, but this is Vegas and for the hundreds of acts that are already here, there are thousands more waiting to take their place. Jamm was one of the exceptions to the rule. A female lead singer whos voice could have been Fergies if you closed your eyes, a bass player who did a 3 song M.J. set thats dead spot on, and a male lead singer who was better than both of them combined. The dance floor was packed and the casino floor around the lounge had them dancing while they were losing their money. Yet another great group of local artists delivering awesome music with no cover charge or entry fee. There was a 2 drink minimum though. (like thats a problem).

Anyway, round 2 came to a close around 3:30 a.m. as we headed back to Lovedart West for a final nightcap of Heineken and Grande Mariner. With only one more night left in sin city we throttle things down as the family joins Tommy Rocker at T.R.s southside for dinner and some more fine music from Mr. Las Vegas, to bring an amazing week in Lost Wages to a close. Thanks for joining us and dont forget to “GET YA SOME” at THE LOVEDDART LOUNGE.


I was standing outside of Lovedart West, waiting for my host for the evening, Prince Ama and his partner in crime, the mysterious Mr. Nobody, when the rolling lights of Henderson Nevada’s finest pierced the Vegas night. “gee, I hope thats not Prince” I said to myself. As the seconds ticked off and no one showed up, it was pretty obvious that it was in fact, Mr. Prince ama engaging with the local authorities, that I was witnessing. While I stood there my phone rang and when I answered, Prince said, hey mon, we are on our way, we just got pulled over. YES, I KNOW, Im watching you right now, was my reply as he pulled away from the curb to completed the final block of his journey to the house. Visibly ruffled, Prince assured me that all was well and no citation was issued. “these Henderson police dont mess around” he said, with a look of relief, that the powers that be, didnt get into his wallet for few hundred dollars. No ticket, no warning, all was good.

Our first stop was the Veil nightclub at the Silverton casino and resort to watch the beautiful and not so beautiful people bump and grind to the funk driven sounds of a band (no I dont know the name) made up of ex members from the commodores and the Bobby Brown band. We had a front row seat for all the alcohol driven antics on the dance floor and we were not disappointed as there was plenty of eye candy to entertain us. (a note to all the ladies out there, after your 10th cosmo, your not nearly as hot as you thing are, trust me on this one) Anyway, a few cocktails later the show came to an end, and D.J. ROB took to the stage to keep the beat going late into the night. We decided a change of venue was appropriate and decided to head to our next destination.

Our next stop was in a little strip mall west of the strip called Scoundrels. A small crowd of patrons were scattered about the bar room area as we took our seats next to the stage. A few minutes later an amazing 5 piece reggae band (once again, I didnt catch their name) began to crank out a steady groove to Bob Marley’s “I dont want to wait in vain for you love” and things just got better after that, A male and female singing duo delivered lush and layered vocals that were as good as any headlining band I have ever seen, while the band provided a tight, steady, rock solid soundtrack that would be considered a first class performance by any music lover back here in the Hoosier heartland. But alas, this is Vegas, home to hundreds of amazing local musicians all fighting for that big break. In Indy, they would be playing the Vogue, or the Noodle, but here, its just another band on just another night in little strip mall west of town. Great for music lovers, but not so much for  the musicians. Its a tough city to break out in, but if your lucky enough to make the right connections, fame and fortune is within reach. After enjoying a full set of tight island grooves we prepared to make our final stop at the bar in Vegas where everybody thinks they know your name, Tommy Rockers.

It was after midnight as we walked in and caught Tommy relaxing after an evening of performing. We joined him and the lovely Suzzanne, aka, Syn for yet another round of cocktails and some lively conversation. A couple of hours later, it was pushing 3am and we decided to shut it down for the tomorrow was another big night. Tonight we will be back at Tommy Rockers for St. Patrick’s day, Vegas style. Green beer, Jameson, and corned beef and cabbage, Tommy Rocker, Prince Ama, and a special video shoot for local artist Chase Brown. It should be yet another epic Vegas evening and we will bring you all the details right here at thelovedartlounge .com


I was up early on this pre-spring morning. The windows were open and there was a nice breeze blowing through the lounge. Sitting at my command center in the darkness before sunrise, I decided I was a little hungry. I looked out the front door and BOB was just pulling in. I looked on my computer and Megan was already up and posting. It was a very rare occasion that these 3 particular people were all awake at the same time, this early in the morning. It was immediately apparent that there was only one thing that I could do…….






Contained inside of a 1TB hard drive are 10,000 hand picked, best of, music files and 10,000 hand picked video files, compiled, categorized, and listed for easy access to an unlimited world of sight and sound.

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