Thats right, you heard me right. THE LOVEDART LOUNGE is going to send 2 lucky loungers to this years BRICKYARD 400 on Sunday July 28th. To win, here is all you have to do. As you well know, THE LOVEDART LOUNGE is welcoming Las Vegas legends Tommy Rocker and Prince Ama to a special private performance at THE LOVEDART LOUNGE on Friday August 9th. There will be a shuffleboard and cornhole contest with cash prizes, tasty food, a keg of Honey Brown, and an open bar with about anything you can imagine to help you get your groove on as Tommy and Prince light up the Bal Hinch til the wee hours of the morning.  To help defray costs a bit, we are selling tickets for this event for a stupid low price of just 10 dollars a piece. Thats right, for just 10 bucks you get all you can eat, (Italian Beef and Cajun BBQ), all you can drink, (Honey Brown on tap and a huge open bar) and some of the hottest entertainment from Las Vegas, right here on stage at THE LOVEDART LOUNGE. Tickets will be ready some time in July but you can pay anytime to reserve your spot for this epic event, and if you pay in full before July 18th, you will be entered into a drawing for two 90.00 tickets to this years BRICKYARD 400. The drawing will be held on Friday July 19th and the winner will receive 2 seats in the Tower Terrace, high up, in row JJ. There will be ONLY 80 tickets sold and each ticket is good for 1 entry. Spots are filling up fast so contact the lounge (email of phone) get your name on the list, pay before July 18th, and you could be trackside at The Indianapolis Motor Speedway for this years BRICKYARD 400. DONT DELAY get your name on the list today! This is going to be one event you are NOT going to want to miss. Anyone who saw Tommy and Prince here at the lounge back in 2011 knows what an amazing evening this will be. You wont want to miss it. Brought to you by THE LOVEDART LOUNGE, turning up the heat in the Bal Hinch all summer кондиционеры лг в витебске long THE LOVEDART LOUNGE, its not on the map for a reason…………………GET YA SOME…………TODAY!


Here comes summer, but THE LOVEDART LOUNGE is already turning up the heat. We are going to start by announcing 3 major LOVEDART LOUNGE events coming up later this summer and fall that you definitely will not want to miss. PLUS we have a special announcement for anyone who is going to be in the Chicago area on June 29th. We’ve got good news, we’ve got great news, we’ve got bad news, we’ve got amazing news, we’ve got awesome news, and we have historically epic news. So mix up a tasty cocktail, grab your calender, and get ready to save some dates. Lets get started with the….

GOOD NEWS. Coming up in a little over 2 weeks, Jimmy Buffet will playing a show in Chicago at Northerly Island (old Meigs field) to some 20,000 Parrotheads converging from all across the mid west. If you’ve got tickets, its gonna be a great show, but if not, you can still get in on the fun by joining my good friends Tommy Rocker, Prince Ama, and the entire “Conched Out” band at the Landshark Beer Garden on Navy Pier as they fire up the fin friendly crowd for Jimmy’s big concert that night.


ITS FREE to get in and there will be plenty of great Chicago food and frosty beverages to make for a great day on the shores of Lake Michigan. If you go, tell Tommy that Johnny Lovedart sent ya.

GREAT NEWS. Yours truly, has been graciously invited by Tommy and Prince to join them on stage, in Chicago……..

Snapshot 1 (6-11-2013 8-56 AM)

……….to lead the crowd in our signature song “Why dont we get drunk and screw”! Just think of the awesomeness. But therein lies………….

THE BAD NEWS. Due to scheduling at work, and the fact that all of my remaining vacation days will be used for our Mega Vegas event in October, I will be busy printing books that day instead. I know this is going to be a great disappointment to the thousands of people who have been waiting for years to use those ear plugs they brought home from work, but they are just going to have to come to Vegas (or maybe the Bal Hinch) to test their tolerance for aural abuse. Now on to……….

THE AMAZING NEWS. This August 9th and 10th, THE LOVEDART LOUNGE is going to bring 2 big nights of entertainment, right here to The Bal Hinch for your listening pleasure.


On Friday August 9th THE LOVEDART LOUNGE will be featuring Tommy Rocker and Prince Ama, LIVE on The Tiki Deck! Thats right! After their last blockbuster show at the lounge back in 2011, they will be returning for a very special LIVE AT THE LOVEDART performance. Tickets will be available in July and we are starting the guest list right now. Admission will be limited to just 80 people, so be sure to get your name on the list ASAP. There will be lots of great food, tasty cocktails, frosty cold beer and music so HOT, the Bal Hinch fire department will have to be on speed dial. Then (as if that wasnt enough), on Saturday the 10th we take our scorched earth campaign outside The Bal Hinch as we turn Tommy and Prince loose on the general public for an epic luau party at the Crawfordsville Eagles club. This event will be open to the public and there will be plenty of room, so get there early and get yourself a good seat for all the action. Details are forthcoming, but there is talk of a hog roast, a countdown, and lots of other great fun that is sure to make for a fantastic evening. You wont want to miss this. We will post all the details as soon as they become available. Now on to…….

THE AWESOME NEWS. If your looking for a great vacation idea, join us in Fabulous Las Vegas on Friday October 18th for LAST MAN STANDING at Tommy Rockers Mojave Beach Bar and Grill.


Tons of great music from Tommy and the boys, plus some of the top names in Trop Rock, joining him on stage throughout the evening. Lots of great food, lots of great prizes, and a live charity auction hosted by yours truly, add up to an amazing evening outside in the neon shadows of the Las Vegas strip.Join us for an awesome party that your average tourist never even hears about. Then join the masses on Saturday the 19th at the historic Flamingo resort pool complex for Tommy, Prince and the entire Conched out band, as they kick off a day in Margaritaville with thousands of Parrotheads from all over the globe, whiping themselves into a Pheeding Phrenzy all afternoon long, leading up to Jimmys big Vegas show that evening at the MGM Grand. After that, spend Sunday relaxing on the neon drenched streets of the Las Vegas strip as you prepare your mind, body, and soul, to partake in an event of epic proportion. Which brings us to……

THE HISTORICALLY EPIC NEWS. At HIGH NOON on Monday October 21st. Johnny Lovedart will once again be leading a group of proud gauntletiers on their quest for warrior status, as we hold the 9th running of THE NEON GAUNTLET!


16 HOURS! 10.5 MILES! 30 COCKTAILS! 30 GAMBLING SESSIONS! 1 EPIC EVENT! Join this elite group of beverage masters as they indulge in their favorite cocktails in EVERY CASINO ON THE LAS VEGAS STRIP IN ONE DAY! Thats right, gamble 10 dollars and have 1 cocktail at every casino on the strip as you embark on this once in a lifetime events. Its not easy, its not meant to be. BUT, its a journey that you will tell family and friends about for the rest of your life. It will literally make you a legend in the eyes of everyone you know. People will scoff at your claims, they will shake their head in disbelief, but when you show them the proof, they will stand in awe of your epicness. You WILL become, the Cocktail Chuck Norris of your local watering hole. People will tell the tale of your accomplishments, you will become………….LEGENDARY!

or, maybe not.


Only 5 people have ever reached full warrior status. YOU can now be a part of this select group of Gauntlet Warriors. When the bartender starts to pour, will you have what it takes to answer the call?

Contact the lounge now, for information on this and ALL of the events listed above, and dont forget to pack a cooler. Its gonna get HOT!

Brought to you by THE LOVEDART LOUNGE. Inconveniently located in the deep fringes of The Bal магазин кондиционеров в минске Hinch Its not on the map for a reason.