Its Friday night and time for LAST MAN STANDING at TOMMY ROCKERS MOJAVE BEACH BAR AND GRILL. Things were all set up and ready to go as we made our way down Dean Martin Blvd to TOMMY ROCKERS. As the sun began to drop, the bartenders and everyone at ground zero put the finishing touches on the venue as the first parrotheads begin to show up.


The bartenders were ready…………


the stage was ready………………..


the parrotheads began to filter in……..m_GEDC0515

Johnny Lovedart was ready!


The air was filled with electricity and the smell of cheeseburgers in paradise.


as J.Love warmed up the crowd and made a little money for charity, auctioning off a 3 day, lake Mead, 10 foot houseboat weekend for 10.


After a few announcements and a couple of opening acts, I had the pleasure of introducing to the stage, none other than my good friend Elvis, we had him flown in from Bal Hinch International airport. I told him I would clear his tab at the bar if he came out and he decided to do me a solid.

m_GEDC0540 m_GEDC0544

They just love the grass skirt, what can I say………..


We prepare to auction off some VIP seats and a couple of Buffett tickets as the next band begins to set up. (hey, who is that back there? Bop bop bop bop bop!


TOMMY ROCKER AND CONCHED OUT take the stage  with the Las Vegas skyline glistening in the distance. It was a beautiful night, and 68 degrees as Tommy and the boys begin to  disturb the peace over at The Bellagio.


It didnt take long before the ladies from the audience begin to take the stage.


Prince Ama gets the crowd pump pump pumpin!


While Tommy, Joey, and Kevin get down and do some shreding!m_GEDC0625

The Panman, Terry Barber, tearing it up on the trombone.


A few weeks ago, Johnny made a trip to the South side and called in a few markers. The next thing ya know these two guys get off of Elvis’s tour bus, and send the crowd into a one hour frenzy of rhythm and blues. (I heard they come down on the weekends and pitch horse shoes with Elvis over at the lake PO-KA-HO trailer park)

m_GEDC0642 m_GEDC0647

If that wasnt enough, we finished up the evening with PRINCE AMA AND INTERNATIONAL FLOW 360 in their first headlining shoe at Tommy rockers

m_GEDC0700 m_GEDC0712

Well, last man standing 2013 is in the books. We raised around 3500 dollars for charity, we ripped it up with some of the best musicians in all of Las Vegas, we came, we drank, we kicked some Las Vegas ass.

Now its time to head back to base camp and get some rest. Next up, 10 hours of off the hook entertainment at the Flamingo pool with T. R. and the boys for the Margaritaville, Jimmy Buffett pre party.

Im Johnny Lovedart and Im off ……………………….like a prom кондиционеры лг в витебске dress







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