As I was sitting there eating my traditional Boxing Day feast, it dawned on me. I was sitting at a table, with possibly the most eclectic group of people Ive ever been with in one room at one time, and for me, thats SAYING SOMETHING. I began to think to myself, “how in the hell did I get here”. How did this happen? When you think about it, its amazing how 2 lives, worlds apart, can collide at some point in space and time, and explode into human stew I was breaking bread with this evening.


The journey starts with 2 women. 1 the wife of a bar owner in England, and 2, a wife who is being transferred with her husband from the midwest to Los Angeles. Woman 1 moves to the U.S., her husband with ties to the Vegas underworld, scores her a sweet job as a head waitress in the pit at a large casino. She divorces, and through connections, scores a job managing Wayne Newtons estate. She is now retired and living in Las Vegas hosting tonights event.

Woman 2, moves to L.A, takes a job at the head office of a Limo manufacturing company on Rodeo drive. She has a secretary who was born and raised in England. Woman 2 gets transferred to Ft. Smith Ark. with husband to run a limo manufacturing plant, they retire and move to Las Vegas. The secretary for woman 2, calls her and tells her she has a life long friend who lives in Las Vegas that she needs to meet. Woman 1 meets woman 2 and BANG here I am eating brussel sprouts with a cornucopia of personalities that pegs the diversity meter to 11.

So here we go, your starting lineup from this years boxing day spectacular.

1. A 60ish ex Vegas show stagehand and past president of the local stagehands union for several years.

2. An ex Vegas showgirl from the legendary Stardust casino in her early 80s, who, is a Wiccan, (she gave Kai a secret Wiccan blessing after dinner) and a hoarder of antiques from the golden years of Vegas.

3. An ex Air Force, airplane mechanic who was stationed in Okinawa Japan.

4. The head manager for the audio visual department at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino.

5. An ex metro services dispatcher going to culinary school for bake shop management.

6. An ex military mechanic and self described jackass, who drives a Ford Pinto wagon and brings his own Koolaid, who repaired autos in Wyoming until “coming into” some money and retiring early into a life of doing whatever the hell he wants.

7. An ex Italian actress from the Milan area who starred in movies filmed in Mexico. She also owns a monkey.

8. An ex career British Special Air Service member in his late 60s who is now retired and married to contestant number 2 above.

9. A 60ish ex globetrotting British man servant for the royal family who now lives in Vegas and sells timeshares for Wydham resorts, who is trying to mack on  the ex Wayne Newton estate manager who is hosting this evenings festivities.

10. The head seamstress for the showrooms at the Excalibur Casino and Hotel and local representative for the Las Vegas seamstress union. She is married to contestant number 1 above.

Now this is what I call networking!

And this is where I find myself today.



Sitting at a table full of cosmic personalities created from the mystic collision of two hurtling stars  for separate ends of the human universe, in the middle of the Nevada desert, on the day after Christmas.

Boxing day in Las Vegas. Its not just a meal, its an adventure!

Happy holidays сплит кондиционер в минске everyone



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