Its Friday night and time for LAST MAN STANDING at TOMMY ROCKERS MOJAVE BEACH BAR AND GRILL. Things were all set up and ready to go as we made our way down Dean Martin Blvd to TOMMY ROCKERS. As the sun began to drop, the bartenders and everyone at ground zero put the finishing touches on the venue as the first parrotheads begin to show up.


The bartenders were ready…………


the stage was ready………………..


the parrotheads began to filter in……..m_GEDC0515

Johnny Lovedart was ready!


The air was filled with electricity and the smell of cheeseburgers in paradise.


as J.Love warmed up the crowd and made a little money for charity, auctioning off a 3 day, lake Mead, 10 foot houseboat weekend for 10.


After a few announcements and a couple of opening acts, I had the pleasure of introducing to the stage, none other than my good friend Elvis, we had him flown in from Bal Hinch International airport. I told him I would clear his tab at the bar if he came out and he decided to do me a solid.

m_GEDC0540 m_GEDC0544

They just love the grass skirt, what can I say………..


We prepare to auction off some VIP seats and a couple of Buffett tickets as the next band begins to set up. (hey, who is that back there? Bop bop bop bop bop!


TOMMY ROCKER AND CONCHED OUT take the stage  with the Las Vegas skyline glistening in the distance. It was a beautiful night, and 68 degrees as Tommy and the boys begin to  disturb the peace over at The Bellagio.


It didnt take long before the ladies from the audience begin to take the stage.


Prince Ama gets the crowd pump pump pumpin!


While Tommy, Joey, and Kevin get down and do some shreding!m_GEDC0625

The Panman, Terry Barber, tearing it up on the trombone.


A few weeks ago, Johnny made a trip to the South side and called in a few markers. The next thing ya know these two guys get off of Elvis’s tour bus, and send the crowd into a one hour frenzy of rhythm and blues. (I heard they come down on the weekends and pitch horse shoes with Elvis over at the lake PO-KA-HO trailer park)

m_GEDC0642 m_GEDC0647

If that wasnt enough, we finished up the evening with PRINCE AMA AND INTERNATIONAL FLOW 360 in their first headlining shoe at Tommy rockers

m_GEDC0700 m_GEDC0712

Well, last man standing 2013 is in the books. We raised around 3500 dollars for charity, we ripped it up with some of the best musicians in all of Las Vegas, we came, we drank, we kicked some Las Vegas ass.

Now its time to head back to base camp and get some rest. Next up, 10 hours of off the hook entertainment at the Flamingo pool with T. R. and the boys for the Margaritaville, Jimmy Buffett pre party.

Im Johnny Lovedart and Im off ……………………….like a prom dress.








Today is the last day before we head to the strip for 6 days. Once that happens, theres no turning back, so a nice leisurely day without much excitement sounds like the thing to do. So, we decided to have Tommy and Prince over for some Johnny Lovedart home cookin. Tommy had just come back from a frustrating experience at city hall, (imagine that, frustration with government) he was frazzled so we started with a couple of glasses of Merlot to help the decompression process, and while that was going on we got busy with the food.


Huge shrimp is cheap our here in Vegas (go figure, cheap shrimp in the desert) so I had to kick things of with a Lovedart Lounge Mardi Gras favorite, Cajun shrimp. Throw in a little onion garlic toast and the perfect appetizer got things off to a good start.

While things were finishing up on the grill, we unleashed a Lovedart Lounge original. If you know what Im talking about you already spied it in the previous picture. YES, it was time to indulge in some BACORN!


Corn wrapped in bacon, slathered with butter and a light sprinkle of secret seasoning. Time tested and a hands down favorite of patrons back home at THE LOVEDART LOUNGE.

Next up, the main course, Caribbean Jerk Chicken, grilled chopped and topped with colby pepper jack cheese and red Bermuda onion, round out a hearty lunch that fuels both the body and soul to provide the energy to deal with the rest of the final preparations for coming storm.


It was a great way to spend the last few calm hours before the busy weekend ahead. Weather your in Las Vegas or the Bal HInch. Good food, great friends and a few cocktails are always a the perfect combination to slow down a hectic day. A good time was had by all.


Tomorrow………GAME ON! The Las Vegas strip awaits.


Its T-minus 4 days to LAST MAN STANDING and as we all know, proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance. So, while things are still calm we decide to take a trip to ground zero and join Tommy Rocker and the boys for a little strategic planning as the big day approaches.

As I pulled into the parking lot, I was greeted by this iconic image…………m_GEDC0465

That orange and white micro bus can only mean one thing. Tommy Rocker is in the house! Tommy could drive anything he wants, but “The Widowmaker” is his ride of choice. From the neon drenched streets of Las Vegas to lush forests of Oregon, to the shores of Huntington Beach and beyond, wherever Tommy goes, this is how he rolls. It may be held together duct tape and guitar strings, (if Im not mistaken, I remember a photo of the carburetor intake being held open by rubber toy gorilla) but it gets Tommy everywhere he needs to go in classic retro style.

ItS low key and quiet now, but in just 4 days this……….


is gonna look like THIS!


Magic like this doesnt happen overnight, it takes planning and preparation and thats why we are here. From set lists to stage set up and sound, it takes a lot of people to pull all these things together. With just 4 days left it was time to put the finishing touches on the game plan, but with a collection of entertainment engineers like this, what could possibly  go wrong?


The time is at hand, the battle lines are drawn, and the world will soon know what scorched earth entertainment looks like. So if you see smoke rising just west of the I-15, theres no need to worry, no need to beat feet, its just Tommy and and the boys, bringin the heat. Sit down, strap in, and get read for LAST MAN STANDING, stage one of JOHNNY LOVEDARTS MOST EXCELLENT LAS VEGAS ADVENTURE. Tune in, turn on, and GET YA SOME right here at THELOVEDARTLOUNGE.COM





Its dark, its mysterious, and its kinda out of the way. (kinda like THE LOVEDART LOUNGE) Its Frankies Tiki Room. Things are gonna get crazy the closer we move to the weekend so I figured I better get this stop out of the way. A perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday in Vegas. We rolled in, stepped up to the bar, and ordered our favorite exotic concoction THE FINK BOMB. Rum, mixed with rum, mixed with rum, mixed with fresh squeezed fruit juices and topped with a float of rum, served up in Frankies latest offering, THE NAKALELE KNOCKOUT


Exotic, tasty, and dangerous, just like an old psyhco girlfriend. Of course, one is never enough when it comes to something this good, so we followed it up with a little something called a Surfadelic Smashup. This one I had served up in something called THE KAHIKI KAI.


Yet another great cocktail and the final available tiki mug to complete  my collection. Let me tell you, these are NOT your daddies happy hour cocktails. Knock back a few of these and you start seeing stuff like this……


I know they werent here when I walked in the door.

A little later the place started filling up……….


Shortly after my 3rd cocktail, I realized these guys were sitting next to me and I knew it was time to go home…………….


With goodies in tow, I walked out the door and said goodbye to the bouncer………


and headed back to base camp. Another great trip to FRANKIES! This is the Vegas that most never see and its exactly the type of place that Johnny Lovedart loves to be. Up next……we head to another local Las Vegas icon, TOMMY ROCKERS MOJAVE BEACH BAR AND GRILL! We will have all the details on this little excursion tomorrow, but for now, Im Johnny Lovedart, and Im off………… a prom dress.





THE NEON GAUNTLET…….10.5 miles of gaming, glitter, liquor and lights. A years worth of debauchery, crammed into 18 hours of your life, and thats just for dessert. Before we even take the first step, there’s a whole week of events leading to the big day.

Its Sunday, a day of rest, so after some early morning football, (it starts at 10am out here) we head north to the downtown area for a stop at one of my favorite “rest areas”.



Its dark, its mysterious, and it drips tiki couture. We are going to belly up to the bar and indulge in one of my favorite concoctions, the Fink Bomb. Lots of rum, mixed with some more rum, mixed with fresh fruit juices, and topped off with a float of……you guessed it……..RUM. A cocktail of this magnitude is not simply served in a glass, oh no, only the finest of vessels are allowed to hold this magical blend of alcohol and nectar, and here it is……..behold……..THE NAKALELE KNOCKOUT!


Designed by Brad Parker, this beautiful mug is the latest addition to Frankies epic line of tiki mugs. Fill this bad boy up with something potent and your in for a fine afternoon of R and R in one of Las Vegas’s best kept secrets.

Follow that up with a leisurely round of gambling at Emerald Isle Casino in the heart of downtown Henderson, then finish things up on the way home, with a quick stop by Hot Dog Heaven for a true Chicago Italian beef sandwich (the owners are from the south side)


and your looking tasty end to a perfect lazy Las Vegas day.

Its all uphill from here, the days get longer, the drinks get stronger, as we hurtle towards Last Man standing on Friday night, Flamingo pool party on Saturday, and then the grand daddy of them all THE 9th RUNNING OF THE NEON GAUNTLET!

Stay tuned as we bring you all the gory details right here at





In just two weeks from today, its time once again for JOHNNY LOVEDARTS MOST EXCELLENT LAS VEGAS ADVENTURE! Thats right, 5 days of balls to the wall debauchery on the neon soaked streets of Las Vegas.


Join us as we take you on a once in a lifetime Las Vegas experience covering 120 hours of your life that you will never ever get back. But the memories……ehhhhh……… PICTURES that you bring back will last a lifetime. This total immersion of the Las Vegas strip starts on Friday night Oct. 18th with LAST MAN STANDING. Its a pre-Jimmy Buffett concert party held by my good friend Tommy Rocker at TOMMY ROCKERS MOJAVE BEACH BAR AND GRILL just off the strip.


Under the beautiful backdrop of the Las Vegas strip, spend a evening of amazing music, great food, frosty cocktails and some of the best people on the planet youve never met. Tommy and the boys headline this event with featured artists through out the evening. Elvis, Johnny Lovedart, an occasional coral reefer, you never know who might show up at LAST MAN STANDING.


In between sets, it will be my pleasure once again to host THE LAS VEGAS PARROTHEAD CLUB, ANNUAL LIVE CHARITY AUCTION! Over the last 3 years we have raised over 10,000 dollars for charity at this great event.  Theres lots of great prizes in all price ranges to bid on. Flying sharks, show tickets, houseboat trips on lake Mead, and tons of great parrotphanalia will be auctioned off with all proceeds going to Foster Children of Las Vegas Valley and Children of deployed service members at Nellis Air Force base. A party with a purpose that will leave you feeling better than that 3rd Jagerbomb.


On Saturday Oct. 19 its time once again for the MARGARITAVILLE, JIMMY BUFFETT, POOL PARTY at THE LAS VEGAS FLAMINGO HOTEL. One of the most historic pools in all of Las Vegas plays host to parrotheads from around the world in this warm up party to Jimmys big show later that evening. “Its just like them pool parties you see on that there MTV channel the kids all watch”. Scantily clad women, outrageous outfits, frosty frozen margaritas, shots of tequila, and the whole thing is driven by the Trop Rock beat of TOMMY ROCKER AND CONCHED OUT.


The boys will hit the stage at noon and keep the party going til 7 that night,when its time to head south to the MGM for Jimmys big show.


Once everybody is good and drunk, I will join Tommy and the boys on stage in what has become a sort of a traditional collaboration between THE LOVEDART LOUNGE and TOMMY ROCKERS, as we join together to lead the inebriated masses in one of the best sing alongs of all time……WHY DONT WE GET DRUNK AND SCREW. Its not pretty, but then neither am I after 8 Mai Tai’s. :)



Next up is actually the most important day of your journey. SUNDAY! Its a day of rest ya know? Now while this might not be exactly what Jesus had in mind, its your chance to wander the Las Vegas strip, hook up with friends for drinks, gamble, have a nice long liquid lunch at one of the many outdoor cocktail establishments. Enjoy a good meal, see a show, what ever it is, this is the day to do it……………..EXCEPT FOR ONE THING!



Sure, its Sunday, have a cocktail or two while you hit the tables, but give the liver a rest or your gonna end up like this guy, because you have bigger fish to fry. Get a little exercise, walk the strip, gamble, have a coldie or two, then go back to your hotel, have a good meal and hit the rack by midnight because tomorrow you will be embarking on the most intense single day event of your life………….


Panoramic aerial view of the Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada.

and you only looking at half of it.

Thats right, at high noon, join Johnny Lovedart and fellow gauntletiers and warriors as the prepare to embark on the journey of a lifetime. 30 casinos, 30 cocktails, 30 gambling sessions, 10.5 miles, 18 hours, anONE day that will live in infamy in the scrapbook of your life. Bring your camera because youll have a hard time remembering it all, trust me on this one. It will literally be the most exhilarating, exhausting, disgusting, amazing day of your life, and youll love every minute of it.


Let me take a minute to introduce to you the graduating class of 2012


These brave men, and ………..


this guy……….

endured a exhausting battle on the neon drenched Las Vegas strip, on a warm, sunny, October day. 6 went in, and only 3 came out. BUT there is no shame in not finishing THE NEON GAUNTLET, only in not trying. It was a great, memorable day etched in time and…..



punctuated earlier this year by the sorrow of the loss of fellow Gauntlet Warrior, Mr. Jim Nierman. Jim (right) called this one of the most amazing days of his life. He knew he wanted to do it the minute I told him about it and he talked about it often. It was a great day with friends, experiencing a once in a lifetime moment that has become the hallmark of THE NEON GAUNTLET.

JIM…….this ones for you my friend, we will toast your life early and often as we make this years journey. Your spirit will guide us as your memory will be celebrated. L’chaim!


SO ITS LAST CALL PEOPLE… you need to get away? Do you need to adjust your attitude? Do you need a diversion from all political garbage? Well this is it, this is your 5 day FUCK IT! to the world. This is your time, this is your moment, this is your VACATION.


Contact the lounge NOW, and join your host………




Your host, JOHNNY LOVEDART  for the vacation of a lifetime. Join us for…..


Brought to you by THE LOVEDART LOUNGE!

Its not on the map for a reason!

Join us live on the strip, join us on facebook, or stay tuned right here at








Yes loungers, the last 50 days have been a roller coaster ride. LIVE 11, a week in Vegas, some extra OT at work, the Reverend Horton Heat/Deke Dickerson/Wayne Hancock show, the Coal Creek Music Festival……WHEW! In all the turmoil, the video card from the party has turned up MISSING! Now, we havent found it yet, (I put it some place so I wouldnt lose it) but, I was coherent enough to copy the pictures to Megan’s laptop before I stashed in the hiding place thats even secret to me. So while Im still looking for some lost photos, we are glad to announce that have all the pictures from LIVE AT THE LOVEDART 11

Here’s a few to get you started and the rest can be found above in the “incriminating evidence” > “live at the lovedart lounge”> “live at the lovedart lounge 11″ folder. ENJOY!