Merry Christmas loungers, yes, Christmas is officially over. Santa stopped by THE LOVEDART LOUNGE and indulged in the cookies and Grande Mariner we left out for him, before heading off somewhere tropical where the elves wear bikinis and the only thing frosty is the beer. Meanwhile out here in the Nevada desert, we prepare for the holiday this city was made for, New Years!

Back when I was a kid, I had to make a list and then I had to go to the mall and then I had to wait in line so I could sit on Santas lap and tell him what I wanted……


……now a days, I just invite Mr. Claus over to the lounge and we get everything worked out in advance over a few cocktails.

Well yours truly was a very good boy this year and the big guy delivered as usual. Before heading out on his world tour, Santa stopped by the lounge for few cocktails and dropped off a little love for THE LOVEDART LOUNGE. It seems that while he was on vacation, knocking back a few rounds of tequila down in Cabo with Sammy Hagar last summer, he told the Red Rocker how he always makes a stop at THE LOVEDART LOUNGE before AND after his big trip. Several hours later, Sammy was face down in the sand and Mr. Kringle was helping himself to some of the goodies behind the bar. Well it seems a few items happened to find its way into the jolly ole mans sack before he left and now, THE LOVEDART LOUNGE is proudly displaying this fine  piece of Red Rocker swag here in the Bal Hinch.

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Then to top things off, the big guy dropped off a few tasty items on his swing through sin city. Seems he stopped by Casa de Shenandoah before heading over to Myrtle Beach drive and snagged a little somethin somethin from another one of his drinking buddies. Santa sure has some heavy hitters in his posse, and when the big guy needs a little help filling out his gift list, they know how to step up to the plate. So, NOW the Zen Bathroom Hall of Fame is sporting this fine portrait of Mr. Las Vegas himself.


As if that wasnt enough, he hooked me up with some righteous Chicago Bears swag to help out this coming Sunday as the Bears send the Packers out of the playoffs and back to the land of cheese for the new year.


THE LOVEDART LOUNGE would like to thank Santa for a very merry Christmas and in return we are sending you a 1 year pass to our V.I.P. room and free valet sleigh parking.


Now on to the new year.

As the sun rises high in the desert sky, the golfers are out in force as temps in the mid 60s bring a spring like end to 2013.


While its not quite time for cut offs and cocktails, I will be sending my parka on an extended vacation to the closet for the next week and the cocktails will be on 24 hour call as the new year approaches.

TONIGHT…..its time to celebrate boxing day. Its a traditional English holiday that provides yet another excuse to eat more food than you should and wash it all down with several beverages of adult orientation. Its not like you need an excuse to knock a few back out here in the land of booze, babes, and bankrolls, but hey, it doesnt hurt.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone back in the Bal Hinch. We will be back with more updates throughout the week as the insanity continues on the countdown the New кондиционер напольный в минске Years

THE LOVEDART LOUNGE, “THE” place to “GET YA SOME” in 2014!


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