time machine

In the fall of 2008 Johnny Lovedart gathered up his instant loans no fees many talents and burst onto the world wide interwebs for the first time. He launched on MySpace in mid November with his “top 10 reasons alcohol is the number 1 selling item during Thanksgiving” list and the rest is Bal Hinch history. Over the next few months came ” The Lovedart Lounge Holiday Video Trilogy”, his “Livin La Vida Lovedart” blog, the 2009 small loans Lovedart Lounge Mardi Gras celebration, and his infamous interweb battle royale against the evil forces at Ticketbastard and Jive Nation. Things continued to steamroll through the years from MySpace to FaceBook to Google + and finally landing here at www.thelovedartlounge.com.

The “HISTORIC SIGNIFICANCE” page is designed to be a look back through the years at the Lovedart Lounge’s interweb history. We will take you on payday loans for bad credit lenders only a trip through the pages of time, as you will be able to see how the many events, characters, pictures, videos and blogs helped turn this little slice of hoosier heaven known as The Bal Hinch, into an epicenter of entertainment, the backdrop for The Lovedart Lounge, and the home for “the prince of Lake PO-KA-HO”, Mr. Johnny Lovedart.

Starting on November 19th we will small short term loans post blasts from the past, 4 years go to the day, so you may follow along as the interwebs are introduced to Johnny Lovedart, The Lovedart Lounge, and The Bal HInch. Its a historic journey you wont want to miss, so grab your ticket, enjoy the ride and get ready to GET YA SOME, right here at The Lovedart Lounge.

Bon Voyage!