bottle bash

Tippy began her career fast cash advance payday loans reviews as a pit road reporter over at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway back in the late 80s and early 90s. An unfortunate incident, late one night, in the turn 4 infield bathroom, in the company of an ex 500 winner with a well documented history of alcohol fueled behavior, of questionable taste, ended in her termination. Her career abruptly sidelined, she disappeared debt loan from the speedway area in shame and was not seen for several years. She was reported to have at one time, secured a job as a bingo caller at a fraternal organization over in Bargersville, Club officers refused to comment on an alleged altercation during a bingo evening in October which resulted in a 40% drop in attendance.

Dropping your company has just taken out a 1 year installment loan out of the public eye once again, Tippy remained in seclusion until recently she turned up as a field reporter for the Bal Hinch tabloid news show, “Bal Hinch Entertainment Tonight”. Her first assignment was to cover the release of Johnny Lovedarts, Mardi Gras Extravaganza video. Things looked to be going well for Tippy until the night of The instant cash loans no phone calls Lovedart Lounges annual Mardi Gras celebration. After attending the sneak preview at The Testosterone Theater, she hit the after party where the combination of questionable decision making and an open bar, resulted in an ugly end to her comeback. Theres a lot of  grey area here and a lot of people are not talking, but this is what we know………………

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