APRIL 4, 2009


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Early this morning, unconfirmed reports have surfaced of Johnny Lovedart being spotted somewhere in a remote area of the Pocono Mountains. An unidentified source indicated that  Mr. Lovedart was laying low in a secluded luxury cabin installment loans for poor credit overlooking the Delaware Valley. It was originally reported that he may be in the company of local resident Kelly Monaco, winner of the first season of Dancing with the Stars, (thus explaining the mystery woman personal loan lender in the limo) but sources have confirmed that she is currently in Victorville Ca. working on a new show, Washed Up Dancing Stars, in Seedy Local Bars. While undocumented, several local sources have indicated that if it payday cash advance loans online is indeed Mr. Lovedart occupying the remote luxury hideaway, he could be in the company of THIS WOMAN.


While sources indicate that the woman remains to be unidentified, it is rumored that she may easy loans fast approval be a member of the notorious Paraguayan drug cartel known as El Squab, working as a mule to transport illegal anabolic turkey steroids to central Indiana, before being distributed to unregulated turkey farms throughout the midwest. cheep loans At this time, NONE of these reports have been able to be confirmed as a substantial security team has been set up surrounding the mountain estate, keeping prying eyes, and camera lenses, well out of range loans no credit checks of the remote location. Teams are working around the clock the verify these reports, but at this time, nothing has yet to be confirmed as fact. So as yet, another day passes, the question still remains…………..WHERE IS JOHNNY LOVEDART?

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