Back in 2000 the world felt like xmas cash payday loan it just had its battery recharged. It was a nice round number 2000. It was a time to start keeping track of some things and time to stop paying attention to others. It was a renewal, a reboot, a good old fashioned do over. We reset our clocks to 0 and got ready for the next 1000 years.
Meanwhile, in a sleepy little slice of rural Indiana, a dozen or so good loan market friends sat around a campfire, quaffing cocktails and conspiring new beginnings and the future in general when someone said “ya know, we should have a little cookout, set up a few amps, play a little music and do this right next year.
Well just like a cheap roadside fireworks stand rocket, the fuse was lit, the rocket went off and the ideas exploded in all directions. LIVE AT THE LOVEDART LOUNGE was born.
Over the following quick loan bad credit 10 years the crowd went from 2 dozen to 150. The menu went from burgers and dogs to 135lbs of ribs, brisket, and shoulder. Mustard and ketchup turned into 12 hand picked BBQ sauces from across the nation. A couple of amps turned into a full stage which turned into several musicians which turned into Elvis which turned into Tommy Rocker and Prince Ama from Las Vegas.
Every year was bigger, better, cash loan usa tastier. The crowds came, the food was prepared, and the music went all night. Friends met new friends stories were told and legends were created.
For 10 years, LIVE AT THE LOVEDART LOUNGE brought people of all social classes, ideologies, and origins, together for one weekend of food, music, and fellowship.
The pictures within, reveals just a small taste of the magic that was LIVE AT THE LOVEDART LOUNGE. Enjoy. I know I did.


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