I was standing outside of Lovedart West, waiting for my host for the evening, Prince Ama and his partner in crime, the mysterious Mr. Nobody, when the rolling lights of Henderson Nevada’s finest pierced the Vegas night. “gee, I hope thats not Prince” I said to myself. As the seconds ticked off and no one showed up, it was pretty obvious that it was in fact, Mr. Prince ama engaging with the local authorities, that I was witnessing. While I stood there my phone rang and when I answered, Prince said, hey mon, we are on our way, we just got pulled over. YES, I KNOW, Im watching you right now, was my reply as he pulled away from the curb to completed the final block of his journey to the house. Visibly ruffled, Prince assured me that all was well and no citation was issued. “these Henderson police dont mess around” he said, with a look of relief, that the powers that be, didnt get into his wallet for few hundred dollars. No ticket, no warning, all was good.

Our first stop was the Veil nightclub at the Silverton casino and resort to watch the beautiful and not so beautiful people bump and grind to the funk driven sounds of a band (no I dont know the name) made up of ex members from the commodores and the Bobby Brown band. We had a front row seat for all the alcohol driven antics on the dance floor and we were not disappointed as there was plenty of eye candy to entertain us. (a note to all the ladies out there, after your 10th cosmo, your not nearly as hot as you thing are, trust me on this one) Anyway, a few cocktails later the show came to an end, and D.J. ROB took to the stage to keep the beat going late into the night. We decided a change of venue was appropriate and decided to head to our next destination.

Our next stop was in a little strip mall west of the strip called Scoundrels. A small crowd of patrons were scattered about the bar room area as we took our seats next to the stage. A few minutes later an amazing 5 piece reggae band (once again, I didnt catch their name) began to crank out a steady groove to Bob Marley’s “I dont want to wait in vain for you love” and things just got better after that, A male and female singing duo delivered lush and layered vocals that were as good as any headlining band I have ever seen, while the band provided a tight, steady, rock solid soundtrack that would be considered a first class performance by any music lover back here in the Hoosier heartland. But alas, this is Vegas, home to hundreds of amazing local musicians all fighting for that big break. In Indy, they would be playing the Vogue, or the Noodle, but here, its just another band on just another night in little strip mall west of town. Great for music lovers, but not so much for  the musicians. Its a tough city to break out in, but if your lucky enough to make the right connections, fame and fortune is within reach. After enjoying a full set of tight island grooves we prepared to make our final stop at the bar in Vegas where everybody thinks they know your name, Tommy Rockers.

It was after midnight as we walked in and caught Tommy relaxing after an evening of performing. We joined him and the lovely Suzzanne, aka, Syn for yet another round of cocktails and some lively conversation. A couple of hours later, it was pushing 3am and we decided to shut it down for the tomorrow was another big night. Tonight we will be back at Tommy Rockers for St. Patrick’s day, Vegas style. Green beer, Jameson, and corned beef and cabbage, Tommy Rocker, Prince Ama, and a special video shoot for local artist Chase мультизональные кондиционеры в минске Brown It should be yet another epic Vegas evening and we will bring you all the details right here at thelovedartlounge .com

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