They call it, “an epic journey”, they call it “an event for the ages”, they call it, “exhausting”!

They call it…..


JOIN US! As we mark our 10th anniversary of THE NEON GAUNTLET with a very special memorial edition, to celebrate the lives of two fallen warriors who called this event, “one of the single best days of my life”! My mom, and NEON GAUNTLET founder, Eleanor Bramlett, and longtime, best friend and Chicago legend, Jim Nierman!


They understood that what they participated in, was one of those moments in life that stand head and shoulders above the rest. It was something 99% of the world couldnt even fathom, and only a handful of brave souls would ever attempt. It was membership in an exclusive fellowship of people who believed that every piece of fruit on the tree of life should be picked. Whos lives were not defined by the limits set by others, but only by the boundaries of their own imagination. Its that sort of mindset that created THE NEON GAUNTLET, and its the same mindset that draws people to it like a moth to a flame. Some watch from afar, some stick their tow in the shallow end. others?, well, you know who they are, they dont even know if theres any water in the pool, but their jumping anyway, and chances are, the simple fact that you are reading this means you may very well be one of them yourself. If this is the case, then THIS, IS YOUR MOMENT! THIS, IS YOUR CHANCE! THIS, is a personal invitation to anyone willing to make the trip, to join us for the event of a lifetime. Experience Las Vegas like NO ONE, you know, ever has. Be a part of the fellowship, be a part of the excitement, be a part of the history, and be able to tell eveyone you meet for the rest of your life, that YOU, made LAS VEGAS, your BITCH! Join us for the event of a lifetime, join us for………..THE NEON GAUNTLET! Heres how………..

530680_515175618492609_478586842_nYour ol’ pal Johnny Lovedart and THE LOVEDART LOUNGE has put together a Las Vegas vacation of epic proportion. Not Clark Griswald epic, We’re talkin Johnny Lovedart epic. This years “MOST AWESOME LAS VEGAS ADVENTURE” is, as usual, a 2 part event. You can join us for any or all of 5 epic days of Las Vegas entertainment your normal L.V. tourist would never get to see. Here is a rundown of this years 5 days of awesomeness.

DAY 1…..FRIDAY OCTOBER 17TH. Get checked into your room, get out that favorite Hawaiian shirt, grab a Landshark and get ready to kick things off with a BANG  at LAST MAN STANDING!


My good friend and Las Vegas legend, TOMMY ROCKER, hosts LAST MAN STANDING. Join us on day 1 at TOMMY ROCKERS MOJAVE BEACH BAR AND GRILL, in the shadows of the Bellagio Hotel, and City Center for LAST MAN STANDING. A huge gathering of Parrotheads, gather at T.R.s the night before Jimmy Buffetts annual Las Vegas stop to kick off the weekend with live music, cheeseburgers, and Landsharks. Enjoy an evening in the glow of the Las Vegas strip with live music from some of Trop Rocks greatest bands. Tommy, Prince, and the boys will be there along with other great bands and some special surprises. Last year we had a visit from Elivis AND The Blues Brothers. Its a great event at a great venue, and best of all, its for charity. Its a party with a purpose, and your invited to join us. Tickets will be up for sale soon and I will have all the details right here. There run 40 to 50 bucks depending on how soon you order and they include admittance, an event T-shirt, a tasty cheeseburger in paradise, your fist beer, an evening of awesome entertainment. You wont want to miss it.

DAY 2…..SATURDAY OCTOBER 18TH. The next party starts about the time you should be getting up. Join us at high noon on Saturday at the legendary FLAMINGO POOL, for the JIMMY BUFFET, MARGARITAVILLE, pre concert pool party!

Snapshot 1 (6-11-2013 8-56 AM)

Tommy Rocker and Conched Out are joined by Vegas Reggae Superstar Prince Ama and yours truly, for 7 straight hours of music and entertainment. There are drawings, give aways, contests, dancing, swimming, and plenty of cocktails. Best of all, this event is FREE, get there early to get the best spot because by 1, this place looks like an MTV spring break video. Its an epic Vegas pool party, just like you see on the travel channel, only YOUR THERE!

(By the way, did I mention Jimmy Buffett is in town? Jimmy will be playing Saturday night at the MGM GRAND ARENA. Tickets are on sale now, but if your not sure you want to go yet, dont worry, tickets will be floating around Last Man Standing and the Pool Party all weekend so picking up a couple of choice seats, they day of the show, is completely doable.)

DAY 3…..SUNDAY OCTOBER 19TH. Today is a very important day. Its Las Vegas freestyle day. If you came in early for Last Man Standing, your gonna need a break before the NEON GAUNTLET. If you are just arriving, you are going to need time to get checked in, relax, have a nice meal, and get ready for THE NEON GAUNTLET. Take your time today. Dont walk too much (you will be getting plenty of that tomorrow) lounge by the pool, sit on your ass and gamble, do what ever you want. Just dont A.) wear yourself out, or B.) get hammered out of your skull. Relax, take it easy, hook up with some friends, go ride the ferris wheel. You will have plenty of time to do both A and B tomorrow.


DAY 4…..MONDAY OCTOBER 20TH. THE NEON GAUNTLET! Thats right! Here it is! The moment youve been waiting for THE 10TH RUNNING OF THE NEON GAUNTLET.


Join your fellow Warriors, past and present, at high noon for the 10th Anniversary running of THE NEON GAUNLET! We kick things off at noon as we begin our 10.5 mile journey up and down the Las Vegas Strip. Enjoy one cocktail and 10 dollars of gambling in EVERY CASINO ON THE LAS VEGAS STRIP IN ONE DAY! (theres 30 of em) Thats right, I didnt stutter. Yes, its been done. Dont worry, youll be alright. REMEMBER. There is no shame in not finishing, only remorse for not trying. We will personally guide through this 18 hour journey. Gamble, Eat, Drink, Take selfies (Im looking at you Big Jim), Call the folks back home and make em jealous. Its your day, Its your moment, its your time. Enjoy life turned up to 11, as you participate in an event that will leave a nasty mark on your life’s history. This is where you make the stories your relatives will talk about during the holidays for years to come. Make sure your story is a good one. Have fun, be safe, be sane, and celebrate, you are now one of the few, one of the proud, you are……A NEON GAUNTLET WARRIOR!

(For more information and tips on how to prepare for THE NEON GAUNTLET, check out, THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, under the NEON GAUNTLET tab, here on this website.)

DAY 5…..TUESDAY OCTOBER 21ST. Its 6 a.m. Either your back at your room dreaming of showgirls, cocktail waitresses, and those gnarly dudes out on the street who hand out the porn flyers, or your doing THIS……………..


Enjoying the spoils of battle, at THE NEON GAUNTLET, WARRIORS BREAKFAST OF VICTORY. Yes I know your tired, but theres no better way to top off 30 cocktails over 18 hours, like big of plate of BACON! Well, steak and eggs are a pretty good choice too. Whatever you choose, its time to relax, get off those feet, enjoy a refreshing (non alcoholic) beverage of your choice, and share the battle scars of the days events. It wont be long and effects of this delicious, breakfast of victory, will pave the way for an entire day of cocktail dreams and moonshine wishes as you sleep off the wear and tear of what will surely be, ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING DAYS OF YOUR LIFE.

THATS IT FOLKS! There you have it. JOHNNY LOVEDARTS MOST AWESOME VEGAS ADVENTURE 2014! Contact the lounge for details. I will be posting updates as the day draws near. Grab a few partners in crime and come out to sin city for a historic event that you will remember for the rest of your life. THE NEON GAUNTLET!



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