Welcome back loungers……..Yes I know, where the hell have I been. Well, life sometimes has a way of changing your focus, and no sooner than I returned from Last Man Standing, my focus was diverted. BUT, the good news is, things are starting to smooth out a bit here in the Bal Hinch, the Christmas shopping is done, and THE LOVEDART LOUNGE is getting ready to fire up for the 2014 social season. We are going to continue with our freestyle event schedule as most events arent even thought up yet, BUT one thing we are planning on bringing back this year is THE BAL HINCH BACON FESTIVAL.


The original was such an enormous hit and the fans have been calling for an encore. No dates are set yet, but Im working on some research and from what I can find out, look for an announcement sometime in March as we are going to attempt to hold this event on Arnold Ziffle’s birthday. There does seem to be some contention as to when that date actually is, but once we find out, YOU will be the first to know and we will start taking reservations for this epic event.

As the holidays approach, its time once again for my pilgrimage to southern Nevada for CHRISTMAS IN LAS VEGAS!

Winter Storm Dumps Snow On Las Vegas

Yes indeed we are off to Las Vegas for the holidays with ABSOLUTELY NO PLANS. Some of my best times here have started with No Plans. Sure, we’re gonna gamble, we’re gonna hook up with Tommy Rocker and Prince Ama, Im sure a stop at Frankies Tiki Bar will happen, but other than that, its an off the cuff holiday. No alarm clocks, no appointments, no rules, and no idea what type of madness lies ahead. One thing for sure, if it’s worthy, you will hear about it right here at We are going operate mostly from the site while we are gone, but everything will be linked to my FB page so all our friends back in  the Bal Hinch can follow along.

Speaking of Christmas, do you remember when you were a little kid and you used to have your mom make hot chocolate and your dad would light a fire in the fireplace and the whole family would gather around the TV to watch ” A Charlie Brown Christmas” ???

WELL THIS AINT IT! So put the wee ones to bet, get comfy, pour yourself a triple Grande Mariner and leave a dram or two for Santa, and join us as we kick off the holiday season with THE LOVEDART LOUNGE CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR!

MERRY CHRISTMAS and a LOVEDART NEW YEAR from all your friends, here at       THE LOVEDART LOUNGE.

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