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The man with the most, from the Ivory Coast, birmingham al payday loans my good friend, Mr. Prince Ama is a Las Vegas Reggae dance hall icon. Prince began his career in Treichtown at the EDEC school of theater, music, and dance. At a young age he began performing locally before touring with established musical artists throughout Africa and Europe. He was a member of global funds the National Musical Ballet of the Ivory Coast and has performed in several countries around the world such as France, Belgium, Japan, London, Norway, Germany, and Canada. Finally landing in the U.S., he has performed on both coasts before finally settling down in Las Vegas. In 1997, he created International long term cash loans Flow 360, featuring several artists performing a unique mix of Afro-Reggae Dance hall music in English, French, and Spanish. In 2011 he released the album Nothing Lasts Forever, featuring the hit Welcome to Las Vegas. Channeling the musical influences of Bob and Damien Marley, Sean Paul, and Shaggy he brings his dance heavy beats payday loans chattanooga tn to nightclubs throughout the Las Vegas valley. Currently performing with another Las Vegas music icon, Tommy Rocker, they bring an eclectic mix of pop, reggae, dance, and trop rock to venues across the nation. From the frozen tundra of Alaska to the sip and dip lounge in Great Falls Montana, and web loans a stellar performance at THE LOVEDART LOUNGE in the Bal Hinch, Prince and Tommy bring the party wherever they go.

Next time your in sin city be sure to catch Prince performing at Tommy Rockers Mojave Beach bar and grill on Dean Martin blvd, just off the fabulous Las Vegas strip. cash advance dinuba I promise, it will be a night of music, cocktails and fun you wont soon forget. Contact THE LOVEDART LOUNGE for details and we will hook you up for a great night of entertainment on your next trip to Las Vegas.


With his provocative dancehall music and unique blend of Afro-Reggae, Prince credit loan Ama brings his original flavor of music like never heard before.

With his high energy and non-stop dancing, Prince Ama gets the crowd fired up and them takes the stage to deliver his greatest hits. It’s a performance like never seen before.

~ Antoine Lovon

Palmaraise Magazine

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