Here is updated info for those of you considering joining us this year for JOHNNY LOVEDARTS MOST AWESOME LAS VEGAS ADVENTURE! Its sure to be the most amazing 5, or 3, or 2 days you have every had in your life. We have special room rates for Last Man Standing, a special discount for early admission, and all the current details for the most amazing day of your life……THE NEON GAUNTLET. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here or on facebook.  JOHNNY LOVEDARTS MOST AWESOME LAS VEGAS ADVENTURE…..the word EPIC, gets a new definition.


m_GEDC0610Join the party as things kick off on Friday night October 17th LAST MAN STANDING. Welcome to Las Vegas, start your adventure with the party of the year, “local style” at Tommy Rockers Mohave Beach Bar and Grill for LAST MAN STANDING 2014. Cheeseburgers, Beer, and Great Entertainment await as you start things off right with a big party at Tommy Rockers. Live music all night long in the shadow of the Las Vegas strip. Parrotheads from all over the world, gather the night before the big Jimmy Buffet concert at MGM for a pre party that has become legendary in Las Vegas. The links below have all the information you need to get the ball rolling. Tickets for this event are 40 dollars if you place your reservation before July 31st. (50 after) This includes admission with great musical entertainment all night, an event t-shirt, a tasty cheeseburger and your first beer, plus a goodie bag with various nick naks (like liquor and bottle openers and stuff) If you looking for a good place to stay and dont mind being off the strip, The Las Vegas Parrothead club has special rates set up at the Gold Coast casino resort. Its right next to the Rio and across the street from the Palms and it has an hourly shuttle to the heat of the strip when ever your ready to dive into the action. You can get rooms for Friday and Saturday for just 184.00 for both nights, and if your staying for THE NEON GAUNTLET, you can tack on 3 more night for just another 120.00 dollars. Thats right all 5 nights for just around 300 bucks. Check out the Gold Coast Casino with the link on the Parrothead page at the links below.

Here is the link for the LAS VEGAS PARROT HEAD CLUB.

Here is the link for info and registration for LAST MAN STANDING.

Here is the link for info on special rates for THE GOLD COAST CASINO.

THEN, as if that wasnt enough, join Tommy Rocker, Prince Ama, and Johnny Lovedart all day Saturday for the Margaritaville Pool Party at the one of the most legendary locations in Las Vegas THE FLAMINGO POOL!!!



From noon until 7pm on Saturday October 18th, Tommy Rocker and the boys will fire up the crowd at the legendary Flamingo Pool for a party that will match any of those you see on the Travel Channel. Live music all day, frosty cocktails all night as parrotheads from around the world get ready for Jimmys big show at the MGM. (Buffett tickets online at ticketmaster, but there are always tons of tickets floating around Vegas and the partys if you decide to go at the last minute). Lounge by the pool, or jump in and get wet stageside as Tommy and the boys provide the vibe for a great Las Vegas day at the pool. Best of all, this event is FREE, FREE, FREE!


Panoramic aerial view of the Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada.


THE NEON GAUNTLET will kick off at high noon on Monday October 12th. If your coming into town for JUST the NEON GAUNTLET, I will have information on where I will be staying A.S.A.P. Right now some of the places Im looking at are, The Flamingo, The Quad, The Rio, The Orleans, or The Gold Coast. The Gold Coast is a great place if your coming in for LAST MAN STANDING, want a good rate, and you dont want to change hotels for the NEON GAUNTLET. Once I choose my hotel, I will try and get a reduced rate for anyone joining me for the NEON GAUNTLET. Im not sure if I can pull this off, but I will keep you posted. Regardless, theres lots of great room rates for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday night for the NEON GAUNTLET all up and down the strip. We will launch from one of the casinos at the center of the strip so if you make reservations someplace else, try staying close to the intersection of Las Vegas Blvd, and Flamingo Road. If you do this, you will be in easy walking distance of wherever we decide to launch from. Plus the shuttles from Rio, Orleans, the Gold Coast and the Palms all drop off here in the center of the strip, so they are good choices also.

Once again, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, plus read the article right below this one (on the home page) for some more details information on the расчет кондиционера в могилеве events Join us for……


The best 5 days of your life!










They call it, “an epic journey”, they call it “an event for the ages”, they call it, “exhausting”!

They call it…..


JOIN US! As we mark our 10th anniversary of THE NEON GAUNTLET with a very special memorial edition, to celebrate the lives of two fallen warriors who called this event, “one of the single best days of my life”! My mom, and NEON GAUNTLET founder, Eleanor Bramlett, and longtime, best friend and Chicago legend, Jim Nierman!


They understood that what they participated in, was one of those moments in life that stand head and shoulders above the rest. It was something 99% of the world couldnt even fathom, and only a handful of brave souls would ever attempt. It was membership in an exclusive fellowship of people who believed that every piece of fruit on the tree of life should be picked. Whos lives were not defined by the limits set by others, but only by the boundaries of their own imagination. Its that sort of mindset that created THE NEON GAUNTLET, and its the same mindset that draws people to it like a moth to a flame. Some watch from afar, some stick their tow in the shallow end. others?, well, you know who they are, they dont even know if theres any water in the pool, but their jumping anyway, and chances are, the simple fact that you are reading this means you may very well be one of them yourself. If this is the case, then THIS, IS YOUR MOMENT! THIS, IS YOUR CHANCE! THIS, is a personal invitation to anyone willing to make the trip, to join us for the event of a lifetime. Experience Las Vegas like NO ONE, you know, ever has. Be a part of the fellowship, be a part of the excitement, be a part of the history, and be able to tell eveyone you meet for the rest of your life, that YOU, made LAS VEGAS, your BITCH! Join us for the event of a lifetime, join us for………..THE NEON GAUNTLET! Heres how………..

530680_515175618492609_478586842_nYour ol’ pal Johnny Lovedart and THE LOVEDART LOUNGE has put together a Las Vegas vacation of epic proportion. Not Clark Griswald epic, We’re talkin Johnny Lovedart epic. This years “MOST AWESOME LAS VEGAS ADVENTURE” is, as usual, a 2 part event. You can join us for any or all of 5 epic days of Las Vegas entertainment your normal L.V. tourist would never get to see. Here is a rundown of this years 5 days of awesomeness.

DAY 1…..FRIDAY OCTOBER 17TH. Get checked into your room, get out that favorite Hawaiian shirt, grab a Landshark and get ready to kick things off with a BANG  at LAST MAN STANDING!


My good friend and Las Vegas legend, TOMMY ROCKER, hosts LAST MAN STANDING. Join us on day 1 at TOMMY ROCKERS MOJAVE BEACH BAR AND GRILL, in the shadows of the Bellagio Hotel, and City Center for LAST MAN STANDING. A huge gathering of Parrotheads, gather at T.R.s the night before Jimmy Buffetts annual Las Vegas stop to kick off the weekend with live music, cheeseburgers, and Landsharks. Enjoy an evening in the glow of the Las Vegas strip with live music from some of Trop Rocks greatest bands. Tommy, Prince, and the boys will be there along with other great bands and some special surprises. Last year we had a visit from Elivis AND The Blues Brothers. Its a great event at a great venue, and best of all, its for charity. Its a party with a purpose, and your invited to join us. Tickets will be up for sale soon and I will have all the details right here. There run 40 to 50 bucks depending on how soon you order and they include admittance, an event T-shirt, a tasty cheeseburger in paradise, your fist beer, an evening of awesome entertainment. You wont want to miss it.

DAY 2…..SATURDAY OCTOBER 18TH. The next party starts about the time you should be getting up. Join us at high noon on Saturday at the legendary FLAMINGO POOL, for the JIMMY BUFFET, MARGARITAVILLE, pre concert pool party!

Snapshot 1 (6-11-2013 8-56 AM)

Tommy Rocker and Conched Out are joined by Vegas Reggae Superstar Prince Ama and yours truly, for 7 straight hours of music and entertainment. There are drawings, give aways, contests, dancing, swimming, and plenty of cocktails. Best of all, this event is FREE, get there early to get the best spot because by 1, this place looks like an MTV spring break video. Its an epic Vegas pool party, just like you see on the travel channel, only YOUR THERE!

(By the way, did I mention Jimmy Buffett is in town? Jimmy will be playing Saturday night at the MGM GRAND ARENA. Tickets are on sale now, but if your not sure you want to go yet, dont worry, tickets will be floating around Last Man Standing and the Pool Party all weekend so picking up a couple of choice seats, they day of the show, is completely doable.)

DAY 3…..SUNDAY OCTOBER 19TH. Today is a very important day. Its Las Vegas freestyle day. If you came in early for Last Man Standing, your gonna need a break before the NEON GAUNTLET. If you are just arriving, you are going to need time to get checked in, relax, have a nice meal, and get ready for THE NEON GAUNTLET. Take your time today. Dont walk too much (you will be getting plenty of that tomorrow) lounge by the pool, sit on your ass and gamble, do what ever you want. Just dont A.) wear yourself out, or B.) get hammered out of your skull. Relax, take it easy, hook up with some friends, go ride the ferris wheel. You will have plenty of time to do both A and B tomorrow.


DAY 4…..MONDAY OCTOBER 20TH. THE NEON GAUNTLET! Thats right! Here it is! The moment youve been waiting for THE 10TH RUNNING OF THE NEON GAUNTLET.


Join your fellow Warriors, past and present, at high noon for the 10th Anniversary running of THE NEON GAUNLET! We kick things off at noon as we begin our 10.5 mile journey up and down the Las Vegas Strip. Enjoy one cocktail and 10 dollars of gambling in EVERY CASINO ON THE LAS VEGAS STRIP IN ONE DAY! (theres 30 of em) Thats right, I didnt stutter. Yes, its been done. Dont worry, youll be alright. REMEMBER. There is no shame in not finishing, only remorse for not trying. We will personally guide through this 18 hour journey. Gamble, Eat, Drink, Take selfies (Im looking at you Big Jim), Call the folks back home and make em jealous. Its your day, Its your moment, its your time. Enjoy life turned up to 11, as you participate in an event that will leave a nasty mark on your life’s history. This is where you make the stories your relatives will talk about during the holidays for years to come. Make sure your story is a good one. Have fun, be safe, be sane, and celebrate, you are now one of the few, one of the proud, you are……A NEON GAUNTLET WARRIOR!

(For more information and tips on how to prepare for THE NEON GAUNTLET, check out, THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, under the NEON GAUNTLET tab, here on this website.)

DAY 5…..TUESDAY OCTOBER 21ST. Its 6 a.m. Either your back at your room dreaming of showgirls, cocktail waitresses, and those gnarly dudes out on the street who hand out the porn flyers, or your doing THIS……………..


Enjoying the spoils of battle, at THE NEON GAUNTLET, WARRIORS BREAKFAST OF VICTORY. Yes I know your tired, but theres no better way to top off 30 cocktails over 18 hours, like big of plate of BACON! Well, steak and eggs are a pretty good choice too. Whatever you choose, its time to relax, get off those feet, enjoy a refreshing (non alcoholic) beverage of your choice, and share the battle scars of the days events. It wont be long and effects of this delicious, breakfast of victory, will pave the way for an entire day of cocktail dreams and moonshine wishes as you sleep off the wear and tear of what will surely be, ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING DAYS OF YOUR LIFE.

THATS IT FOLKS! There you have it. JOHNNY LOVEDARTS MOST AWESOME VEGAS ADVENTURE 2014! Contact the lounge for details. I will be posting updates as the day draws near. Grab a few partners in crime and come out to sin city for a historic event that you will remember for the rest of your life. THE NEON GAUNTLET!



It is with great sorrow and heavy heart that I must announce the passing of an amazing Mother, Career Woman, and Gauntlet Warrior, my Mom, Eleanor Bramlett.

Those of you who knew her, knew she was a unique woman who knew no stranger, would talk to anyone who would listen, and always had time for a cocktail and a good conversation. She knew more people than I could ever remember. She worked some of the most amazing jobs for a woman growing up in her time, and strangely enough, out of all of her accomplishments, she took great pride in being able to say that she was a founder and the first woman to ever complete THE NEON GAUNTLET. She loved to tell the story of how the gauntlet was created and more than one well seasoned Las Vegas native, stood in awe as they listened to the tale in disbelief. That alone, made her an icon in the Las Vegas underground, and she wore the badge proudly.

There will be a memorial and celebration of life sometime in mid August out in Las Vegas and then, sometime around mid October. I will lead the last annual NEON GAUNTLET. (from here on out, the gauntlet will run by appointment only) This very special 10th anniversary of THE NEON GAUNTLET  will be in honor to two great Gauntlet Warriors who were great friends. Eleanor Bramlett and Jim Nierman . I have had the honor and privilege of running the gauntlet with both of them, and invite you to join me in October for this very special event. Contact the lounge if you have any questions concerning either the Memorial in August or the 10th annual memorial NEON GAUNTLET in October.

Those of you she called friend will miss her sorely, but rest assured, when you get to heaven, her and Jim will be saving a stool for ya at that great big tavern in the sky. So long and god кондиционеры электролюкс в могилеве speed………….Thank you.



Well, 2013 is finally over. It was definitely a mixed bag on the roller coaster of life and at the end of the day, last year was simply exhausting Changes are afoot and for better or worse, lets just get on with it already. Optimism is high. In Vegas terms, Im hoping to go on a “heater” in 2014. Im sitting with some pretty good cards in my hand and hopefully the hole cards will be just as good.

As we start the day, I find myself “even” for my trip. Another good round of luck in downtown Henderson and some late night “ciphering” (Jethro Bodine math) shows that since I got to the airport in Indy, Ive only spent 160 bucks on EVERYTHING Ive done over the last week. Drinks, food, tips, EVERYTHING, 20 bucks per day. In Vegas terms. THATS WINNING!

PLUS, 3 straight nights of great breakfasts. In Las Vegas between the hours of 2 and 7 a.m. there is really only ONE official meal. BREAKFAST, and the bigger the better. I know Ive been talking about the great breakfast Ive been bringing home with me from Emerald Isle every night so I decided (and remembered) to get a picture of mine last night before I ate it. Now THIS IS WHAT I CALL BREAKFAST!


Tonight we move to the DEEP FRINGES OF THE NEON GAUNTLET. We will be staying about a 1/2 mile away from ground zero at THE ORLEANS hotel and casino.


Sure, the Las Vegas strip is a rocking party, but Im here a few times a year and I dont really see the need to get caught up in all of this……


…….Instead, we will be dining tonight at the Canal Street Steak House to kick off the evening ………


………..after that you will probably be able to find me somewhere in the vicinity of The Alligator Bar. Im not sure what my beverage of choice will be for this evening, but since I dont have to drive and the liquor is free, I think Ill be leaning in the direction of something POTENT.


I fully intend to step outside and take a few pictures at midnight. From my vantage point due west of the center of the strip, I should be able to get a few shots that resemble this, but as you know, there are no guarantees in Las Vegas. There are many things that could come between me and my goal for the evening (mainly cocktails) but with a little luck, we will find a good spot to shoot from and maybe we can bring back some pictures like this.


This is a pretty good representation of the sort of picture I might get because its tilted at an angle and its a little blurry, much like I should be around 11:30 tonight. lol.

Anyway, its time to sign off for now and pack a few things as we prepare to move to our base camp for the next 48 hours. We will probably be on radio silence for the next 24 hours, so just in case I dont get a chance, I would like to wish a very Happy New Year to all our friends and fans back in the Bal Hinch and especially those of you who will be ringing in the New Year at the Waynetown Bar and бытовые кондиционеры в минске Grill ROCK ON LOUNGERS, see ya in 2014.





Well its been another whirlwind weekend in Las Vegas. Enjoyed a heapin helpin of local music at my home away from home away from home. Tommy Rockers Mojave Beach Bar. I got there around 9 and the place was packed. Tommy took the stage and for the next 2 hours it was rapid fire music with a long list of musical guests joining him on stage throughout the evening. Joining him first was long time musical partner in crime, the man with most from the Ivory Coast, Mr. Prince Ama


They quickly had the house rocking and the ladies on their feet. I think its safe to say that Prince knows how to bring the ladies to the yard.


Next up was the lovely Delona Tanner, bringing some powerhouse R and B vocals to the stage. Paired with Tommys relentless guitar work, they had the crowd singing along with a hit list of Motown favorites.


The fans just couldnt get enough and one inspired patron felt the need to share his pole dancing skills with the rest of the room. While getting an A for effort, his execution left a little to be desired. Nonetheless, the alcohol fueled crowd cheered him on until he almost took a header off the pole platform. All ended well and the party continued on until the wee hours of the morning.


The sun came up on Saturday and with few plans on the schedule there was only one thing to do. GO GAMBLING! So its off to my favorite Vegas gambling hall, The Emerald Isle.


Things started off slow but about an hour before I left, I found a machine called Leonidas, King of the Spartans. It was a great new machine and in just 40 minutes, I made back all my losses and went home up 80 bucks, and as if that wasnt enough, I had enough points to grab their ultimate breakfast to go. Now this, is a breakfast. 3 eggs, 2 bacon strips, 2 sausage links, 1/4lb slice of ham, hash browns, 2 slices of French toast, and a side order of biscuits and gravy. In Vegas, between the hours of 3 and 7 am. theres only one meal to order, BREAKFAST. Vegas is famous for its graveyard breakfast specials and this one is the grand daddy of them all.

Its Sunday! Are you ready for some football? Hell ya, and if your a Bears fan, theres only one place to go to catch the game. Tommy Rockers Southside.


The official Las Vegas home of the Chicago Bears. Every Sunday during football season, this place is packed to the rafters with die hard (I means SERIOUS die hard) Bears fans. Many who call Chicago their home. This Sunday was no different. Not an empty seat in the house.


After every score the place erupts with the Chicago Bears fight song, and drink specials to keep the the crowd well fueled.


Alas this great day did not end well as the mighty Chicago Bears got shut out of the playoffs by a last minute miracle pass on 4th down. The crowd was dejected but they will return next fall to once again turn Tommy Rockers into a little slice of southside Chicago heaven. We wrapped up the day with a little more gambling. We lost 70 bucks at the Fiesta Casino in Henderson, but made it back later on that evening at Emerald Isle.

All in all it was yet another great Las Vegas weekend and we now set our sights on New Years кондиционеры купить в могилеве Eve The Orleans Hotel and Casino will be our base camp for this years festivities and we will be sure to have all the gory details for you right here at The Lovedart Lounge .com



As I was sitting there eating my traditional Boxing Day feast, it dawned on me. I was sitting at a table, with possibly the most eclectic group of people Ive ever been with in one room at one time, and for me, thats SAYING SOMETHING. I began to think to myself, “how in the hell did I get here”. How did this happen? When you think about it, its amazing how 2 lives, worlds apart, can collide at some point in space and time, and explode into human stew I was breaking bread with this evening.


The journey starts with 2 women. 1 the wife of a bar owner in England, and 2, a wife who is being transferred with her husband from the midwest to Los Angeles. Woman 1 moves to the U.S., her husband with ties to the Vegas underworld, scores her a sweet job as a head waitress in the pit at a large casino. She divorces, and through connections, scores a job managing Wayne Newtons estate. She is now retired and living in Las Vegas hosting tonights event.

Woman 2, moves to L.A, takes a job at the head office of a Limo manufacturing company on Rodeo drive. She has a secretary who was born and raised in England. Woman 2 gets transferred to Ft. Smith Ark. with husband to run a limo manufacturing plant, they retire and move to Las Vegas. The secretary for woman 2, calls her and tells her she has a life long friend who lives in Las Vegas that she needs to meet. Woman 1 meets woman 2 and BANG here I am eating brussel sprouts with a cornucopia of personalities that pegs the diversity meter to 11.

So here we go, your starting lineup from this years boxing day spectacular.

1. A 60ish ex Vegas show stagehand and past president of the local stagehands union for several years.

2. An ex Vegas showgirl from the legendary Stardust casino in her early 80s, who, is a Wiccan, (she gave Kai a secret Wiccan blessing after dinner) and a hoarder of antiques from the golden years of Vegas.

3. An ex Air Force, airplane mechanic who was stationed in Okinawa Japan.

4. The head manager for the audio visual department at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino.

5. An ex metro services dispatcher going to culinary school for bake shop management.

6. An ex military mechanic and self described jackass, who drives a Ford Pinto wagon and brings his own Koolaid, who repaired autos in Wyoming until “coming into” some money and retiring early into a life of doing whatever the hell he wants.

7. An ex Italian actress from the Milan area who starred in movies filmed in Mexico. She also owns a monkey.

8. An ex career British Special Air Service member in his late 60s who is now retired and married to contestant number 2 above.

9. A 60ish ex globetrotting British man servant for the royal family who now lives in Vegas and sells timeshares for Wydham resorts, who is trying to mack on  the ex Wayne Newton estate manager who is hosting this evenings festivities.

10. The head seamstress for the showrooms at the Excalibur Casino and Hotel and local representative for the Las Vegas seamstress union. She is married to contestant number 1 above.

Now this is what I call networking!

And this is where I find myself today.



Sitting at a table full of cosmic personalities created from the mystic collision of two hurtling stars  for separate ends of the human universe, in the middle of the Nevada desert, on the day after Christmas.

Boxing day in Las Vegas. Its not just a meal, its an adventure!

Happy holidays сплит кондиционер в минске everyone




Merry Christmas loungers, yes, Christmas is officially over. Santa stopped by THE LOVEDART LOUNGE and indulged in the cookies and Grande Mariner we left out for him, before heading off somewhere tropical where the elves wear bikinis and the only thing frosty is the beer. Meanwhile out here in the Nevada desert, we prepare for the holiday this city was made for, New Years!

Back when I was a kid, I had to make a list and then I had to go to the mall and then I had to wait in line so I could sit on Santas lap and tell him what I wanted……


……now a days, I just invite Mr. Claus over to the lounge and we get everything worked out in advance over a few cocktails.

Well yours truly was a very good boy this year and the big guy delivered as usual. Before heading out on his world tour, Santa stopped by the lounge for few cocktails and dropped off a little love for THE LOVEDART LOUNGE. It seems that while he was on vacation, knocking back a few rounds of tequila down in Cabo with Sammy Hagar last summer, he told the Red Rocker how he always makes a stop at THE LOVEDART LOUNGE before AND after his big trip. Several hours later, Sammy was face down in the sand and Mr. Kringle was helping himself to some of the goodies behind the bar. Well it seems a few items happened to find its way into the jolly ole mans sack before he left and now, THE LOVEDART LOUNGE is proudly displaying this fine  piece of Red Rocker swag here in the Bal Hinch.

m_GEDC0997 m_GEDC1007

Then to top things off, the big guy dropped off a few tasty items on his swing through sin city. Seems he stopped by Casa de Shenandoah before heading over to Myrtle Beach drive and snagged a little somethin somethin from another one of his drinking buddies. Santa sure has some heavy hitters in his posse, and when the big guy needs a little help filling out his gift list, they know how to step up to the plate. So, NOW the Zen Bathroom Hall of Fame is sporting this fine portrait of Mr. Las Vegas himself.


As if that wasnt enough, he hooked me up with some righteous Chicago Bears swag to help out this coming Sunday as the Bears send the Packers out of the playoffs and back to the land of cheese for the new year.


THE LOVEDART LOUNGE would like to thank Santa for a very merry Christmas and in return we are sending you a 1 year pass to our V.I.P. room and free valet sleigh parking.


Now on to the new year.

As the sun rises high in the desert sky, the golfers are out in force as temps in the mid 60s bring a spring like end to 2013.


While its not quite time for cut offs and cocktails, I will be sending my parka on an extended vacation to the closet for the next week and the cocktails will be on 24 hour call as the new year approaches.

TONIGHT…..its time to celebrate boxing day. Its a traditional English holiday that provides yet another excuse to eat more food than you should and wash it all down with several beverages of adult orientation. Its not like you need an excuse to knock a few back out here in the land of booze, babes, and bankrolls, but hey, it doesnt hurt.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone back in the Bal Hinch. We will be back with more updates throughout the week as the insanity continues on the countdown the New кондиционер напольный в минске Years

THE LOVEDART LOUNGE, “THE” place to “GET YA SOME” in 2014!



Welcome back loungers……..Yes I know, where the hell have I been. Well, life sometimes has a way of changing your focus, and no sooner than I returned from Last Man Standing, my focus was diverted. BUT, the good news is, things are starting to smooth out a bit here in the Bal Hinch, the Christmas shopping is done, and THE LOVEDART LOUNGE is getting ready to fire up for the 2014 social season. We are going to continue with our freestyle event schedule as most events arent even thought up yet, BUT one thing we are planning on bringing back this year is THE BAL HINCH BACON FESTIVAL.


The original was such an enormous hit and the fans have been calling for an encore. No dates are set yet, but Im working on some research and from what I can find out, look for an announcement sometime in March as we are going to attempt to hold this event on Arnold Ziffle’s birthday. There does seem to be some contention as to when that date actually is, but once we find out, YOU will be the first to know and we will start taking reservations for this epic event.

As the holidays approach, its time once again for my pilgrimage to southern Nevada for CHRISTMAS IN LAS VEGAS!

Winter Storm Dumps Snow On Las Vegas

Yes indeed we are off to Las Vegas for the holidays with ABSOLUTELY NO PLANS. Some of my best times here have started with No Plans. Sure, we’re gonna gamble, we’re gonna hook up with Tommy Rocker and Prince Ama, Im sure a stop at Frankies Tiki Bar will happen, but other than that, its an off the cuff holiday. No alarm clocks, no appointments, no rules, and no idea what type of madness lies ahead. One thing for sure, if it’s worthy, you will hear about it right here at We are going operate mostly from the site while we are gone, but everything will be linked to my FB page so all our friends back in  the Bal Hinch can follow along.

Speaking of Christmas, do you remember when you were a little kid and you used to have your mom make hot chocolate and your dad would light a fire in the fireplace and the whole family would gather around the TV to watch ” A Charlie Brown Christmas” ???

WELL THIS AINT IT! So put the wee ones to bet, get comfy, pour yourself a triple Grande Mariner and leave a dram or two for Santa, and join us as we kick off the holiday season with THE LOVEDART LOUNGE CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR!

MERRY CHRISTMAS and a LOVEDART NEW YEAR from all your friends, here at       THE LOVEDART LOUNGE.


Its Friday night and time for LAST MAN STANDING at TOMMY ROCKERS MOJAVE BEACH BAR AND GRILL. Things were all set up and ready to go as we made our way down Dean Martin Blvd to TOMMY ROCKERS. As the sun began to drop, the bartenders and everyone at ground zero put the finishing touches on the venue as the first parrotheads begin to show up.


The bartenders were ready…………


the stage was ready………………..


the parrotheads began to filter in……..m_GEDC0515

Johnny Lovedart was ready!


The air was filled with electricity and the smell of cheeseburgers in paradise.


as J.Love warmed up the crowd and made a little money for charity, auctioning off a 3 day, lake Mead, 10 foot houseboat weekend for 10.


After a few announcements and a couple of opening acts, I had the pleasure of introducing to the stage, none other than my good friend Elvis, we had him flown in from Bal Hinch International airport. I told him I would clear his tab at the bar if he came out and he decided to do me a solid.

m_GEDC0540 m_GEDC0544

They just love the grass skirt, what can I say………..


We prepare to auction off some VIP seats and a couple of Buffett tickets as the next band begins to set up. (hey, who is that back there? Bop bop bop bop bop!


TOMMY ROCKER AND CONCHED OUT take the stage  with the Las Vegas skyline glistening in the distance. It was a beautiful night, and 68 degrees as Tommy and the boys begin to  disturb the peace over at The Bellagio.


It didnt take long before the ladies from the audience begin to take the stage.


Prince Ama gets the crowd pump pump pumpin!


While Tommy, Joey, and Kevin get down and do some shreding!m_GEDC0625

The Panman, Terry Barber, tearing it up on the trombone.


A few weeks ago, Johnny made a trip to the South side and called in a few markers. The next thing ya know these two guys get off of Elvis’s tour bus, and send the crowd into a one hour frenzy of rhythm and blues. (I heard they come down on the weekends and pitch horse shoes with Elvis over at the lake PO-KA-HO trailer park)

m_GEDC0642 m_GEDC0647

If that wasnt enough, we finished up the evening with PRINCE AMA AND INTERNATIONAL FLOW 360 in their first headlining shoe at Tommy rockers

m_GEDC0700 m_GEDC0712

Well, last man standing 2013 is in the books. We raised around 3500 dollars for charity, we ripped it up with some of the best musicians in all of Las Vegas, we came, we drank, we kicked some Las Vegas ass.

Now its time to head back to base camp and get some rest. Next up, 10 hours of off the hook entertainment at the Flamingo pool with T. R. and the boys for the Margaritaville, Jimmy Buffett pre party.

Im Johnny Lovedart and Im off ……………………….like a prom кондиционеры лг в витебске dress








Well its time to light the системы кондиционирования в витебске candle 6 days of life turned up to 11. Lets see, good shoes, Prilosec, advil, tums, inhaler,coke (the strip sold out to pepsi) sunglasses, ball cap, cameras, batterys, laptop. It sure does take a lot of equipment to have a good time now a days. Anyway, internet contact will be spotty from here out but we will do the best we can. Ill even sit in a Starbucks if I HAVE to………….


The bus is pulling aways from the station, its time to get on. see ya on the other side of sanity……..J.Love