My good friend and Las Vegas short term payday loans icon, Tommy Rocker has been entertaining visitors to sin city and in-the-know locals for over 20 years. Musician, night club owner, ex gentlemen’s club owner, and all around entertainer, Tommy has built a legacy in the Las Vegas entertainment arena. Coming to Las Vegas in 1984 as a road musician, he stuck around, playing gigs until finally opening his own club a few years later. In the years following, Tommy played all over the greater Las Vegas valley, including several nights a week at his own venue. Throughout the year he travels the country playing gigs at some of the most iconic taverns in America. From the installment payday loans online bad credit Arrow weed lounge in Laughlin Nevada, to the Sip and Dip lounge in Great Falls Montana, to Chilkoot Charlies in Anchorage Alaska and all the way to the deep fringes of the Bal Hinch for a live gig right here at THE LOVEDART LOUNGE, Tommy has been spreading the gospel of rock n roll to all corners of the nation.
So next time your in Las Vegas, grab a cab and get your ass over to Tommy Rockers at 4275 Dean Martin Blvd. Its a short trip and the view from the bar is amazing. He serves cold beer, fine cocktails, and tasty food every compare loans for bad credit rating day of the week and if your in the mood for some good music without all the intensity of the strip, then you have come to the right place.
Call ahead and see if you catch him when hes playing, it will be an evening you wont forget. Play an instrument? Tell him Johnny Lovedart sent ya and he will let you join in on stage for a song or two. Regardless of what you go for, Tommy Rockers will show you why, hes the best kept secret in sin city. When Las Vegas rocks, they go to Tommy Rockers.

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