A couple of years ago while wandering cash advance 28217 around the internet, I came across an article on modified computers, or mods. I did an image search and I was amazed at what they could build computers into. I soon decided that my next computer would be a modified one and started thinking about what I could build a computer into. After much searching, I decided to try and find a piano or an organ that I could build into. I saw very few examples of this modification and the ones I did find were plain at best. If Johnny Lovedart was going to do this, (as you might guess), it would not just need to be cool, it needed to be AWESOME! The keyboard had to have character. Lots of buttons and lights, with a whole lot of style. Not necessarily something that is easy to find, but I had the internet on my side and my first place to go hunting was Craigslist. I was soon rewarded with lots of images of different keyboards to choose from, but there just wasnt anything that had that WOW factor I was looking. Then I came across this…………..



…….it had all sorts of knobs and sliders and tabs, it had lights and angled panels and lots of areas that could be reworked to look amazing. All I had to do was take small loans for poor credit the top half off of the speaker cabinet, mount it on my desk and start building. There was just one thing holding me back. After paying a measly 25.00 for this fine example of American musical engineering, I discovered something, the damn thing WORKED, it worked amazingly well and it had great sound. How could I just tear this thing apart. Well, it was only 25 bucks, but still, this thing was a pretty penny back in the day when they sold it, and why destroy something that old, that worked so well. I was going to have to think about this. But in the meantime, theres no reason I couldnt go back to Craigslist and poke around while I made up my mind. I was just about ready to say screw it and grab the pry bar and start modifyin, when I stumbled across this………………..m_GEDC1365 m_GEDC1369

……….built out of solid black walnut, sometime around 1889, this is a Mason and Hamlin bellows pump organ……….


………through the ravages of time and nature, the bellows slowly rotted out and eventually the usability and practicality of this fine example of American craftsmanship as a musical instrument, had ceased to exist………..


……..still, you couldnt ask for more character, this thing dripped character. At over 8 feet tall, this beast had it in spades, and for only payday advance no credit check direct lenders 50 bucks, I knew it had to be mine. So I enlisted the help of my good friend and neighbor BOB, and we went over to Indy and hauled this bad boy back to the Hinch……….


………after staring at it for about a month, I formulated a plan, I knew what I wanted, but how to get there was the answer. The computer was the last of my problems, it was going to be housed inside the cabinet so there was no hurry there. First things first, the visible parts had to fit or the rest didnt matter, so we started with the keyboard, mouse, and monitor. It took about 3 weeks searching the net to locate, what I thought would work and now it was time to get started………….


……….the push rods or tone rods tie everything together on this setup so they were the first things that had to be disassembled………..m_GEDC1863

………..I unscrewed the plungers from the levers in the back. This allowed the plungers to be removed from the front and the lever assembly to lifted out of the inside of the cabinet to open up more internal space……….


………with the plungers all taken out, it allowed for the removal of the keyboard fascia, thus exposing the keys for easy removal…………m_GEDC1867

………underneath the keys were a california installment loans set of pins that stopped the keys when you pressed down them, they were too high so did I take them out?……….


……….Hell no, I got hammer and beat them into submission. Once enough keys were removed and the pins hammered down, it was time to install……….


……..the keyboard. The keyboard is made out of bamboo, and stained to match the black walnut as close a possible. Not perfect but damn close. With the keyboard set nice and snug into the cabinet……….


……..we replace the push rod fascia and low and behold, the keyboard bought off of the internet fit this application like it was made for it,……….


………a seamless installation that ended up looking exactly how I envisioned it, and that dont happen very often. Now, even though there was a matching wood mouse, space for the mouse to be used was limited, soooooooo, we went with a…………..


…………7 inch square touch pad that fit the available space almost perfect. With 13 different multi-touch commands, the touch pad will easily let the operator navigate the contents of the media library………….m_GEDC1887

………..With the keyboard and touchpad installed, it was time to move on to the last visible piece. The monitor. After careful measurement, I poured through pages and pages of monitor specs on the internet to finally find this instant loan no credit check 27″ BENQ gaming monitor with side mounted control buttons that matched my measurements almost exactly………..


……..Upon its arrival, I crossed my fingers and dropped it into the opening to find out that it fit top to bottom, like a glove. I have about an inch of open space on either side which allows me to use the side mounted controls and provides air circulation behind the monitor to keep it cool………….


…….it really couldnt have fit any better and remain fully functional. The results so far, exceeded my expectations greatly. As far as the look I was going for, it was spot on so far. Next up, I decided to work on the general appearance. I realize its beautiful as is, but there was no way I wasnt going to put my own touch on this masterpiece. So………


………..we added a couple of tiki’s (naturally) and some flaming cauldron lights on either side to dress it up and more match the decor of the lounge which was going to be its new home. (remember, its over 8 feet so it wont fit in the house. lol). We put in some indirect lighting on top but even with this, I wasnt quite satisfied, it still needed a bit of tweaking…….








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