Johnny’s parents had been living loans for sale in Vegas several years, and during one of his many visits, Johnny thought to himself, I wonder what it would be like to gamble and drink in every casino in 1 day, or even if it could be done.He mentioned this thought to his mom one day and she replied, I don’t know, lets find out.

NEON GAUNTLET I…..After setting some rough rules (20 dollars gambled in each casino, stop after you double or lose it) and 1 drink from the cocktail waitress, they started out around noon on a bright, warm, spring day. It quickly became obvious, that they were not going to be able to finish the journey anywhere close to midnight, so they visited the first 10 stops, had a great time, and vowed to start earlier next time.

NEON GAUNTLET II…..The following Labor day, while visiting for the holiday, they decided to try again. Down on the strip at 9, they got an early start on yet another bright, sunny, summer Vegas day. Things went well, they were making good progress and were closing in on the half way point around sundown. With only about 4 hours til midnight, they once again realized that they would fall well short of their target.

All indications pointed to the fact that they were spending too much time in each casino. They decided to cut the wagers at each stop down to 10 dollars. This brought the cost of the journey down to 300 dollars and cut the time spent at each stop significantly.

NEON GAUNTLET III…..Spring 2008, 9 a.m. once again. New plan of action, new strategy. They started off at a blistering pace, and things looked promising. Stops were taking in the 30 minute range and early progress was good. The first ten stops were done by around 2, and the half way point was just ahead. That’s when it happened. it doesn’t happen often, but when it does, look out. The sky opened and the rain began to fall. Out west, they call this a gully washer, well it did pretty good on the Las Vegas strip that day too. By stop 14 the temperature had dropped 30 degrees to 68, there was a steady rain, and they were walking in ankle deep water. Drowned like desert rats and loans for bad credit online not payday loans chilled by the plunge in temperature, the plug was pulled at the Bellagio. After 2 big snifters of Grande Mariner and the stabilization of their  vital signs, they took a shuttle back to base camp and called it a day.

NEON GAUNTLET IV…..Fall 2008, Spirits are high, the forecast is flawless, its 9 a.m.. The Las Vegas strip lies before them like a glistening jewel ready to be snatched from the jaws of Satan. The journey begins, the clock ticks, the casinos fall. 5, 10, 15, 20, Luxor, Paris, Monte Carlo, Flamingo.The game is at hand and the pace is steady and true.

The sun falls into the desert sky as they pass the 2/3rds mark. At this point, victory seems an absolute possibility. They reach stop 23 (Wynn) around 11pm. The planned rendezvous with the pick up vehicle will not go off as planned at midnight. They attempt to contact the pickup vehicle to alter the schedule, but contact can not be made. Not wanting to leave the pickup vehicle waiting at the meeting sight several hours unknowing of the change in schedule, they curse the gods of neon who have once again thwarted their valiant efforts.

Weary and dejected, they hop a shuttle to the rendezvous point and take the pickup vehicle back to base camp.  THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN…………

NEON GAUNTLET V……….Summer 2009. Contrary to what you might believe, this is not the type of weather that is conducive to gauntlet success. Its 8:30 a.m. directly delivered from the airport to Mandalay Bay, the sun is already blazing in the cloudless sky as Johnny Lovedart and his mom stand at the foot of the Las Vegas strip. They know what lies ahead. They have tasted failure 4 times before and have vowed to cleanse their pallet with the sweetness of success. This time around, there will be no rendezvous. This time around there will be no time limit. This time around will be an open ended assault, free of restrictions, free of constraints, free of failure. With determination, they order the first beverage of the day, and slip the first 10 spot into the greedy mechanical vultures mouth. The battle is afoot, it is time, here, on the doorstep of history, into a flaming furnace of 120 degree asphalt they loans same day payout bad credit will march, unflinching as they attempt to rip victory from the bowels of the Nevada desert………..this is………..THE NEON GAUNTLET.

They’re off, Mandalay, Luxor, Excalibur. The monorail connecting the 3 casinos save precious travel time right off the bat. The first 3 stops are in the books in little over an hour. Across to Tropicana, then up to MGM and back over to New York, New York. 3 more stops in an hour and a half. Good start, but there is no comfort zone on this journey. Up the east side of the strip to Harmon Avenue and then over LVB to the (now destroyed) Aladdin. A third of the way in and its time to refuel. Food is an important factor in this journey, it keeps your energy up and your B.A.C. down. This is time well spent.

Its early afternoon and the sun mocks them like a kid with a magnifying glass. The casinos are large and the distance between has now increased dramatically. Up the east side, to Paris and then indoors from Paris to Ballys. A.C. all the way but the distance is daunting. Cool and refreshed as they near the half way point, they step out into the fray. The dry heat almost sucks the oxygen out of their lungs. Across to Bellagio, up to Caesar’s, then back over to the Barberry Coast. (now Bills gambling hall). They are closing in on the half way point as the sun begins its decent. The last 5 stops were almost 3 miles alone and the heat has taken its toll. A little extra time to let the body temperature stabilize and one of the best Vienna Beef, Chicago style hot dogs on the strip to go along with a frosty draft as they gamble on the poker machines at the bar and its time to make up some time.

As day turns to night they knock off the next 9 stops are in rapid fire, the close proximity saves travel time, but the time between cocktails also diminishes. Flamingo, O’Sheas, Imperial Palace, Harrah’s, Casino Royale, Venitian, Palazzo, Wynn, Encore all in just under 4 hours. The progress increases, but so does the B.A.C. Along the way they pass and leave the halfway point behind them. Setting a torrid pace as the online bad credit installment loans neon on the strip begins to come to life signaling the beginning of the home stretch. Its night now, 8 stops remain. The rapid accent up the east side of the strip has left our warriors ragged and weary. (lol. Id like to hear Barbara Walters say that one). Its time for fuel and a break from the cocktails. Since the days journey began at the south end of the strip and both side of the street were worked on the way up, there is now a considerable portion of back tracking that needs to take place, but it couldn,t have come at a better time. The sun is down, its cool and pleasant at 92 degrees. After a bite to eat, they grab a bottle of water and take a nice leisurely stroll back down the west side of the strip all the way to the Mirage. That in itself tales an hour, but the time made up on the east side more than compensates for it. The final run now lies before them 8 more stops, but over half are long ones, the pace is slower now due to fatigue, but the traveling conditions in have improved since the sun went down. This is it, victory is at hand, the final assault begins.

Its 10 p.m. now, refueled, relocated and rested as rested can be for this event, the home stretch lies before them, ominous and daunting. The smell of blood is in the air, the taste of victory is faint yet promising. The final 8 stops stand before them like bullies mocking their resolve. This time its different, this time its serious, this time ITS PERSONAL!

The going is slow, Mirage, Treasure Island, then another long walk past the Fashion Show Mall. Now its time to kick it old school, The Frontier, The Stardust, and The Westward Ho (all now long gone), then the grand daddy of the strip, Slots Of Fun. From their seats at the slot machine they look out to see the finish line glistening in distance. A slow stroll over to Circus Circus finds hundreds if not thousands of rug rats, still running the halls of this grand old casino at 2:00 in the morning. The making of Las Vegas into a family destination failed miserably  3 years where can i sell my watch for cash ago but Circus Circus still clings to the hope that families around the world will fill their rooms with broods of quarter pumping, arcade playing, junk food noshing offspring while mom and dad lose the trust fund on the casino floor. They dodge a few munchkins, find a couple of seats at the bar, settle in for some video poker, another cocktail, and prepare to cross the street one last time.

Across the street lies the holy grail that for the last 3 years, have eluded and mocked them. The light turns green and they stride with pride to the final check point. Its 2:30 a.m. now. 18 hours since they stood in the bright early morning sun at the foot of THE NEON GAUNTLET. Emotions are high, the euphoria from knowing what they just completed begins to wash over them as they head to the bar for one last time. The Riviera is quiet, its mid week and those around them have no clue as to the greatness that walks amongst them. They prepare to order their last cocktail as the bartender unwittingly asks ………….. wait for it………………..LONG DAY?

The dictionary did not contain enough words to describe the look on their faces at that exact moment. They order their last cocktail, strong and straight up, with a taxi cab chaser. While quaffing their final beverage, they explain to the astonished bartender their last 18 hours on the Las Vegas strip. His reply……..”Ive lived here my whole life and have never heard of anything like that, EVER!” They smile, thats exactly the answer they wanted to hear. They finish their cocktail and the last of their gambling as the cab pulls up outside. A nice tip for the bartender and they leave knowing that when the sun comes up in the morning, somewhere in Las Vegas, in the middle of the Nevada desert, an underpaid, underappreciated service worker will be explaining to his friends, the two people he met the night before and the tale of……………THE NEON GAUNTLET!

3 years, 5 attempts, and finally VICTORY. Mission accomplished, the beast is slain, nothing left to see here, time to move on. Weeeeeeeeell, hold on just a minute.

For 2 years, THE NEON GAUNTLET lay quiet. The stories were told, people were amazed, some loan instant decision had their doubts, but one thing remained constant. No one had ever heard of anyone doing such a thing. In the summer of 2010, Johnny met a lady who soon became a partner in crime. Over the next year he told tales of the NEON GAUNTLET several times and the allure was just too strong. By the spring of 2011 she had made up her mind, it was time to try the NEON GAUNTLET. A couple of planning sessions and the stage was set. October was the month. THE NEON GAUNTLET VI was scheduled.

Johnny decided that this would be the perfect time to collect some data. The first 5 attempts had only one goal. To finish. There was really no thought as far as future gauntlet attempts once it was successfully completed. A new attempt would offer up several opportunities to collect data and get a better handle on just what it took to pull off such an amazing event. First off, to answer a question that almost everyone had posed over the last 2 years, a breathalyzer was purchased to track the B.A.C. of the participants. The number of drinks was a known factor (30), but what the B.A.C. of the participants were, was a question that just had to be answered. A pedometer was also purchased to get a handle on the distance walked. Its 3 miles as the crow flies from one end of the strip to the other, but there are several miles walked that goes unnoticed. The distance between the curb of the street to the actual gaming area in each casino can, at times, be considerable, so this was another stat that required tracking. Closer scrutiny of money won and lost along with the type of drinks consumed would also be done. This would not only answer a lot of questions, but produce a clearer picture of exactly what it takes to pull something like this off. Charts were drawn up and the stage was set for the next attempt with the hope of producing a collection of stats that would enable future warriors the tools needed to successfully complete THE NEON GAUNTLET.

THE NEON GAUNTLET VI……………..A bright October morning, perfect gauntlet weather, base camp Flamingo. Its been 2 years since the last attempt on THE NEON GAUNTLET



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