I understand this is Vegas, BUT, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO quick unsecured loans NOT, drink until the wee hours of the morning the night before the gauntlet. Get a GOOD nights rest, and a solid meal the morning of the run.

From research gathered at my solo run, plan on 18 hours. I set a new course record at 15.5 but trust me, the quicker the run, the higher the B.A.C. I finished with .221 and while there was no driving or operating of heavy equipment, this is realistically too high. An 18 hour run with stops for food and a few snacks along the way, combined with the drinking tips below should produce a finishing B.A.C.somewhere between .14 and .16. While nowhere near sobriety, you will end up a happy lush, still being able to function amongst the general public with ease and decorum. The goal is to FINISH!, not see how high you can get your B.A.C. (if thats your goal, you have no business on this journey) If it takes a little longer than planned so be it, we want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable time. We dont want to have to babysit anyone so, DONT BE THAT DUDE.

Try and stick to casino drinks (ones served by the waitress while you are gambling) as often as possible, they are not as large, not as strong, and will help keep your B.A.C. at a manageable level. Playing the video poker machines at the bar is a great way to get quick service, but try and keep the bar drinks to a maximum of 6. They are larger and stronger and if used in excess, will doom your chances for success. Choose where you have these wisely.

Another way to keep your B.A.C. manageable, is you use personal beverages. With the large lineup we sometimes have, I will not be able to provide this for everyone, so before you go, grab a pint bottle or flask to keep in you pocket. The minimum requirement to achieve full warrior status is a mere 1oz. of liquor, 8oz. of beer, or 4 oz. of wine at each stop. I will be bringing plastic shot glasses with the 1oz. line clearly marked on them for you to use. All you have to do is pour a couple ounces of coke on top of an ounce of rum, shoot it down and your ready to move on………………………….PORTION CONTROL IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS!

EAT!, EAT!, EAT!………….No, not fire in the hole chicken wings or nachos inferno, just a good breakfast a couple of hours before we start and a snack here and there that you can eat along the way will fast and easy loan help tremendously. We will have a couple of quick stops for food at approximately stops 10 and 20. Keep the portions small, and non volatile. Nothing will bring your day to an end quicker than the need for a 40 minute stall session to evacuate yourself of those 3 chili cheese dogs you had at stop 17,

HYDRATE YOURSELF…………YES, I know, your already drinking, but check your head skippy, alcohol is a diuretic, which means you urinate more (naturally) and you dehydrate quicker. Carry a bottle of water and enjoy of few sips of palette cleansing H2O in between stops. STAY HYDRATED! Its Vegas, Its HOT, your walking over 10 miles. You’ll be glad you did and so will your body.

KEEP THE PACE!………..Keeping several buzzed up warriors moving at the same pace will prove to be a challenge and a factor that I have to have to deal with on larger groups. We will pick a rendezvous point at each casino to meet before moving on. When you get to each casino,pick your game of choice, order your drink A.S.A.P. gamble your 10 dollars and return to the rendezvous point. Look for a waitress first, then pick a machine in that area.(A good tactic is to get the attention of the waitress before you start gambling, but most will NOT take your order until you sit down and begin gambling, so find a waitress, pick a machine right there so she knows where your at, start gambling and place your drink order) If you cant get a drink in a timely fashion, just gamble your 10 dollars, return to the rendezvous point then drink an ounce from your personal stash outside as we move to the next casino. PLEASE DO NOT DRINK FROM YOUR PERSONAL STASH INSIDE THE CASINO. Outside is no problem, but most places will frown on you drinking personal liquor in their establishment. You can walk in and drink with it in a cup, just dont pull out your pint bottle and take a pull in front of anyone inside the casino. We want absolutely NO altercations with the casino staff or security……………….(One of the quickest ways to make time if we fall behind is to play one hand of 10 dollar blackjack, or a 10 dollar, black or red, roulette bet, then return to the rendezvous point and do a personal drink on the way to the next stop)

GAMBLING…………You gamble 10 dollars at each casino along the way, if you lose you move on, if you double it to 20 dollars, stop and move on. If you gamble at a black payday lending research jack table or roulette wheel and win, you will walk away with JUST 20 dollars. If you want a chance to make a little extra cash, gamble at a slot machine, theres nothing like sitting at 19.50 and hitting the bonus spins, and ending up with 30 or 40 bucks. It happens here and there, just dont expect it. Your chances of getting through the day with minimal loses are good. (lets say you double your 10 to 20 at the first stop. You can gamble your next 10, lose it, have the first 2 stops of the gauntlet under your belt and still have your original 300 dollars you started with. So its no where near as expensive to gamble in every casino as it may sound)

MONEY MANAGEMENT…………………..To save time having to get change and keep from having wads of bills in every pocket, follow this helpful hint. Start the day with 350 dollars in your wallet. 30, ten dollar bills for gambling, 30, one dollar bills for tipping, and 20 for snacks and incidentals. When you win, cash in and put your winnings in another pocket, (zippered, velcroed , or any other secure location.) NO ONE, has ever lost at every casino. The most ever lost in a day was 190 by me last year. I finished the solo run last Thursday down 110. Keep your money organized, I will keep track of your progress on your score sheets and everyone will get an enlarged final score sheet (suitable for framing) mailed to them after the gauntlet. All in all, when you look at it, losing 180 for the day is like 10 dollars an hour for some of the best entertainment in Vegas, (thats including your drinks) and for this place thats a real bargain. Plus when you think about all the stories you get to bring back home to the people who will stare at you in disbelief as you explain what you did,…………..well that my friends is absolutely PRICELESS!

COMFORT………….Mid October in Las Vegas can be some of the best weather imaginable. Mid to upper 80s during the day, mid to low 70s at night. BUT in the summer it can be extremely hot and sometimes it can get very cool out here in the desert at night. So dress for your comfort level. The Neon Gauntlet is no fun if your freezing or sweating your ass off. Check the weather the night before and dress accordingly.

ITS GOT TO BE THE SHOES!…………………. You will be walking approximately 10.5 miles, mostly on hard surfaces, so BRING THE PROPER FOOTWEAR. Another way to ruin ez payday loans locations in tucson your day is blisters on you feet. Wear good comfortable shoes and socks to eliminate any risk of blisters or aching feet. Comfort is one of the keys to success. Treat your feet with the respect they deserve. Your already abusing the rest of your body, so keep your feet happy.

HAVE FUN AND BE SAFE………..No one needs to tell you that drinking 30oz. of liquor in a day isint the best way to treat your body, BUT, this has been done several times by both men and women with relative success. If at any point, you are not feeling well, feel light headed, (other than whats to be expected) or are just exhausted, JUST STOP. There is no shame in not completing the gauntlet. We will be checking our B.A.C.s at several stops along the way. At the first sign of feeling like you just cant go on, grab a taxi, a bus, or if your close enough, walk back to your hotel and call it a day. (DO NOT, walk back to you hotel if you are stumbling or having a difficult time getting around) I PROMISE YOU, YOU DO NOT WANT TO END UP IN THE DRUNK TANK AT THE CLARK COUNTY LOCK UP. TAKE MY WORD FOR IT AND GET A RIDE BACK TO YOUR HOTEL NO MATTER WHAT THE COST.  Its a hell of a lot less than bail and a fine, plus, the clientele in the drunk tank, as a rule, is NOT the people you want to make friends with while your out in Vegas. We have never lost a warrior to incarceration or a medical emergency. Just like at work, we strive for 0 lost time accidents and are proud of our record to date. SEMPER FI !

A FINAL NOTE………….REMEMBER, you are here to have a good time. BE SMART, BE SAFE and look out for your fellow warriors. Enjoy yourself, win some money, sample some good food, and enjoy all the sights and sounds as you navigate every step along your way. Take pictures, video, and post updates to the disbelievers back home on your cell phones. You are taking part in a historic Las Vegas event that few will ever experience and you will be bringing home stories your relatives will be taking about around the holiday dinner table for years to come. THIS IS YOUR MOMENT. CEASE IT, LIVE IT, LOVE IT, AND LIVE TO TELL THE STORY.

With that, I would like to welcome all of you to THE NEON GAUNTLET.

Your tour guide to the dark side………….Johnathan L. Dart

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