What do the laws of problems with payday loans gravity, 98 degree infield temperatures, and a yellow flag have in common at the Indy 500? Well, for one, its the perfect opportunity for a little physics lesson.Start with heat. Heat creates thirst, along with the desire to wear payday cash loans as little as possible. Next up is gravity. Being perched 7 feet in the air, on top of a van, in the middle of the infield, provides you with a great location to display Sir Isaac Newtons payday loans online with monthly payments law of gravity to the masses below. Finally, a yellow flag. The yellow flag signals a window of opportunity, wherein the attention of race fans are diverted for the duration of the caution period. Thus allowing you…….the opportunity………….to display the laws payday loan tribal of gravity……….from your perch on the van……… the dehydrated, scantily clad, female patrons below, swilling in the oppressive heat, for the entire duration of the yellow flag. OH WAIT! We forgot two things. You need a funnel and 3 long term loans online approval feet of plastic hose. There now. If youve been following along, here is how the formula looks……..heat x degrees + height + beer ÷ hot scantily clad female race fans = PHOTO OPPORTUNITY


PHOTOGRAPHY TIP! (try to best personal loan lenders time your shot for the exact moment when the subjects reaches maximum capacity and the beer begins to squirt between their lips and hose. It makes a good shot, a GREAT shot)

PD_0047 PD_0050 PD_0049 PD_0046 PD_0045 PD_0052 PD_0048

GOOD JOB……..Class dismissed.


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