If your going to spend 4 days at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, best short term loans for bad credit your gonna need to know a thing or two about Urban Camping. There’s more dirt than grass, the facilities are few, the neighbors are close, running water is scarce, and FROZEN water is traded like a commodity. The creature comforts are few if any. So how do you survive in this concrete wilderness? You bring your comfort with you.


What you see here are the few existing shots of our Coke Lot Base Camp.(circa 1987) Located outside of turn 4, this huge chunk of dirt and free payday loans weeds is transformed each year into a hedonist refugee camp of epic proportion. To us, it was home. This was the final year of our Coke Lot dominance. The rules were changing, space would soon be restricted, carpeting and furniture banned, and your location would be assigned not selected. It was time to go out in style. So what does the well equipped urban campsite consist of? How about starting with 1700 square feet of carpeting. No worries of sharp objects left in the how do i get a loan with very bad credit dirt so you could kick the shoes off and barefoot it all weekend long. (just dont forget your shoes when you leave base camp). Most people bring a  lawn chair, we brought a 7 piece sectional couch. To keep everything dry we covered it with a 20×40 foot tarp stretched between 2 vehicles. Throw in a makeshift coffee table and your looking at the envy of the campground. No one had ever thought of basically building a living room on the curb of Georgetown road. Needless to say, disability loan emergency the following year, they put a halt to things before they could get out of hand, and they would have, I was already planning on it. The shots below were taken on race day morning. By that time, we had seen 4 days of rain, high winds, and scorching heat. The campsite was a little worse for wear but it was a damn sight better then what everyone else was wallowing in. This was also the final year of the Funnel 500, as you payday loans dallas can see the funnelmobile in all its glory during the drivers banquet, celebrating that years winners. (the funnelmobile is now on permanent display every day at THE LOVEDART LOUNGE). Yeah, we basically lived for 4 straight days in a parking lot with no running water and porta johns that turned into ovens in the noon day sun as our only facilites, but we did it in damn fine style, Indy 500 магазин кондиционеров в витебской области style










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