OMG, theres girls showing their tiittys over there, theres a guy doing poor credit loans guaranteed approval a 32 oz beer bong ever there, and look at that girl throwing up in her purse. Its the day before the race. Speedway is packed, the streets are alive with people, theres bbq smoke and some of another kind wafting through the air. Theres cold beer, shots of tequila, people fighting, people having sex in public, drunk idiots, police officers, drunk idiots who run from the police officers, police dogs, people selling wells fargo cash advance tickets, t shirts, every kind of food imaginable. Lets face it, by now theres just so much going on, that its impossible to pay attention to any one thing. So with that thought in mind, we wrap things up in our Indy in the 80s series with a little 2 part special I like to call……RANDOM MOMENTS OF INSANITY part 1. (join us for part 2 tomorrow). Enjoy.

Nice concept, but I prefer the old urgent need of money fashioned way, just ask. Plus, I dont want the other 2 dudes cockblocking me in case the subject of my desire decides to further expound on my request in the privacy of her tent.


Ya know, ever since he won the Indy 500 in 86, Bobby has copped a bit of an attitude here lately.


I just love me a little science with my party. Id like to see the reams of data apply online advance america compiled from this experiment, but I have a funny feeling nobody took the time to write it all down.


Boy is mom ever gonna be pissed when she finds out they took her banana.


ED, hes been bringin that hand truck to the Indy 500 for over 30 years, nobody is quite sure why.


Its kind of like the Mod Squad. Just different расчет кондиционера в могилевской области hair



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