who wants an ice cold beer

Good picture, better story. I loans with no credit check and no fees remember this day. (NO, not all of it) I remember it was hot. Humid, cloudless, blazing Indiana summer hot. It was Saturday afternoon the day before the race and the intensity on Georgetown road, was beginning to build. Most everyone was up and into their second or third beverage of the day. Cut offs, tank tops, bikini’s, and beer. This, was Indy. As we made our first venture of the day down Georgetown, things looked pretty normal. Lots of drinking, bbq grills going, tickets being scalped. payday loan com Hot temperatures brought out the hot women and the hot tempers. A mass of humanity happening all at once. It was ground zero. Continuing down the road we noticed a large group of people all standing around a 55 gallon trash can, looking down into it like it was going to tell them their fortune or something. As we got closer we noticed that it wasnt anything near that mystic. It was just a garbage can on wheels, filled with ICE COLD water and beer. Nothing to money to pay bills see here, move along. But wait! Apparently the beer is for sale for 1 dollar. That, and the fact that you have to take it out of the ice water with your teeth. Thats right, its Bobbing For Beers. Now I know this is just silly, but let me tell you, the sight of a half drunk, testosterone fueled male, plunging his head into a bucket of ice water to extract a can of beer, in public, in front of his ulta hot girlfriend, so he can save loans for bad credit newcastle the day, quench her thirst and make her panties wet all in one single act of valor, well, lets just say a good hour went by before we were able to pull our eyes away from the spectacle before us. The contorted faces of horror on the participants as they brought their head up out of the icy water after a 20 second battle to obtain liquid refreshment at any cost was absolutely without description. Let me put it this way, NO ONE, ever did it twice. Not loans for emergencies that I saw anyway.¬† Why I didnt take more pictures Ill never know, but what you see before you, is at the moment of clarity, where your head is coming out of the water, you have the beer in your mouth, and you have no clue that you going to be spending the next 5 minutes sitting on the curb waiting for you brain to thaw in the 95 degree, hot Indiana sun. Wishing you could throw up but the shock of what you just did keeping pay today loans you from it. Your girlfriend is happy but unconcerned about your condition (cheer up bucky, youll¬† get a blowjob later tonight) The crowd is thrilled and they applaud your stupidity. The dudes who own the bucket of beer have made 150 bucks already today and have more great photos than you will ever get in a lifetime. But hey, your goin home a hero. At least that what you will tell your friends. And thats the way it was, back in 1988, at the Indy 500. Have a great race day.

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