It is with great sorrow and heavy heart that I must announce the passing of an amazing Mother, Career Woman, and Gauntlet Warrior, my Mom, Eleanor Bramlett.

Those of you who knew her, knew she was a unique woman who knew no stranger, would talk to anyone who would listen, and always had time for a cocktail and a good conversation. She knew more people than I could ever remember. She worked some of the most amazing jobs for a woman growing up in her time, and strangely enough, out of all of her accomplishments, she took great pride in being able to say that she was a founder and the first woman to ever complete THE NEON GAUNTLET. She loved to tell the story of how the gauntlet was created and more than one well seasoned Las Vegas native, stood in awe as they listened to the tale in disbelief. That alone, made her an icon in the Las Vegas underground, and she wore the badge proudly.

There will be a memorial and celebration of life sometime in mid August out in Las Vegas and then, sometime around mid October. I will lead the last annual NEON GAUNTLET. (from here on out, the gauntlet will run by appointment only) This very special 10th anniversary of THE NEON GAUNTLET  will be in honor to two great Gauntlet Warriors who were great friends. Eleanor Bramlett and Jim Nierman . I have had the honor and privilege of running the gauntlet with both of them, and invite you to join me in October for this very special event. Contact the lounge if you have any questions concerning either the Memorial in August or the 10th annual memorial NEON GAUNTLET in October.

Those of you she called friend will miss her sorely, but rest assured, when you get to heaven, her and Jim will be saving a stool for ya at that great big tavern in the sky. So long and god кондиционеры электролюкс в могилеве speed………….Thank you.

4 thoughts on “WARRIOR DOWN

  1. So sorry for your loss John. My mother passed in March. Prayers are with you.
    Would love to do the Neon Gauntlet in Oct.

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